Download GAMS Release 35.2.0

Released June 02, 2021

Please consult the release notes before downloading a system. We also have detailed platform descriptions and installation notes. The GAMS distribution includes the documentation in electronic form.


Microsoft Desktop and Server Operating Systems1

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 d069eef4bdc30d9b9a2874b86ef8a816


GNU/Linux System

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 c19144948e89c45ee3dd2c4da0eddbd3

Mac OS X

Package Installer for Mac3

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 20a9a9d4ae33980e1adf7209e999703a

(1)The SmartScreen Filter on Microsoft Windows might give a warning during the installation. For more information please check our Support Wiki.

(2)Use a program like md5sum to verify. This should come preinstalled on most Linux systems. On Windows systems, open a powershell and enter Get-FileHash .\windows_x64_64.exe -Algorithm MD5. On Mac OS systems, you can use md5 in the terminal.

(3)For Mac OS X, also a simple self-extracting archive is available, which you can download here. Note, that this archive does not contain GAMS Studio. The md5 hash for this download is 22a7686c60e843275866333139f4be49

To deliver GAMS with the best performance we are using the Amazon CloudFront web service, a global network of edge locations for content delivery.

Request a Free Demo License


Model size limits with a demo license
  • For linear models (LP, RMIP, and MIP) GAMS will generate and solve models with up to 2000 constraints and 2000 variables
  • For all other model type GAMS will generate and solve models with up to 1000 constraints and 1000 variables
  • Some solvers may enforce tigther limits. Please check the licensing chapter for details
The GAMS log will indicate that your system runs in demo mode
GAMS 30.0.0   Copyright (C) 1987-2019 GAMS Development. All rights reserved
Licensee: GAMS Demo license for Jane Doe                 G191203|0002CO-GEN
          Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, United States      DL000004
, Jane Doe
          Demo license for demonstration and instructional purposes only
GAMS will terminate with a licensing error if you hit one of the limits above
*** Status: Terminated due to a licensing error *** Inspect listing file for more information

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