Download GAMS Release 41.5.0

Released January 03, 2023

Please consult the release notes before downloading a system. We also have detailed platform descriptions and installation notes. The GAMS distribution includes the documentation in electronic form.

MS Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems1

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 a77e4da0544dd863228d30d39f26dab5

GNU/Linux Systems

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 4d979bc5291fd29eee61428c6745f2b7

Package Installer for macOS3

  • x86_64 architecture
  • MD5 hash2 ae267b1e7bda78cfbaf1405843821687

(1)The SmartScreen Filter on Microsoft Windows might give a warning during the installation. For more information please check our Documentation.

(2)Use a program like md5sum to verify. This should come preinstalled on most Linux systems. On Windows systems, open a powershell and enter Get-FileHash .\windows_x64_64.exe -Algorithm MD5. On macOS systems, you can use md5 in the terminal.

(3)For macOS, also a simple self-extracting archive is available, which you can download here. Note, that this archive does not contain GAMS Studio. The md5 hash for this download is 004dc5a2d46a912458c8ee5450b1d287

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