21.6 Minor release (January 26, 2005)


We would like to thank all of the users, particularly Josef Kallrath, who have reported bugs or made suggestions in improving this release.



  • New libraries are included. Several new features which are documented in the BARON solver manual.


  • New model instance format CoinFML, Coin style XML model file.
  • LINGO format updated to include Version 9 features


  • CoinGlpk: New COIN and GlpK 4.7 libraries.
  • CoinSbb: This is now called CoinCbc (Coin Branch & Cut). The name CoinSbb will remain for this and the next distribution.
  • Three new cuts classes: Clique, Flow Cover, Mixed Integer Rounding and all new libraries.


  • New libraries are included which address minor fixes.


  • New libraries are included which address minor fixes.

GAMS System

Model Library

  • licememo: Generate your own license memorandum and solver matrix with this model.
  • deploy: Generate a minimal deployment GAMS system with necessary components only.


  • 26 new quality assurance tests have been added to the suite.

Minor enhancements

  • $onecho and $onput have new variants to specify verbatim or substitutions. The new names are: $onechoV, $onechoS, $onputV, $onputS.
  • Manipulation of system environment variables and prefixing of the search path:
       $SetEnv name value
       $DropEnv name
       $PrefixPath value
       $if SetEnv name


  • converts a CoinFML style XML file into GAMS (courtesy of Leo Lopes, University of Arizona). An example showing how to convert from GAMS to CoinFML format and back to GAMS is shown below:
      > gamslib trnsport
      > echo coinfml > convert.opt
      > gams trnsport optfile=1 lp=convert
      > fml2gms coinfml.xml
      > gams fml2gms.gms


Bruce McCarl User's Guide

  • accessing the guide through the GAMS/IDE, will now launch the PDF file directly instead of through a web browser. This is due to possible incompatibility issues with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (securtiy settings). To launch via the web, users can go to File > Options and check the box "Launch docs using Explorer."