Interfacing GAMS and R.

Michael C. Ferris [(] (, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1210 West Dayton Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Steven Dirkse ( GAMS Development Corp.
GDXRRW is deprecated (see GAMS 41 GDXRRW release notes). Please use GAMS Transfer R instead and contact support with any issues about the transition.

GDXRRW is a suite of utilities to import/export data between GAMS and R (both of which the user is assumed to have already) and to call GAMS conveniently from R. The software gives R users the ability to use all the optimization capabilities of GAMS, and allows visualization and other operations on GAMS data directly within R.

The GDXRRW tool is unique among the GDX interface utilities in that it is an R extension made available as an R package. As such, it is run as part of an R session or script, not as part of a GAMS run, and it follows the usual R package conventions.

  1. Installation: The R software is designed to be easily extended. Thousands of extension packages are freely and conveniently available online and can be installed easily using a simple, standard procedure. The GDXRRW package is one of these. The latest version is available on GitHub in both source and binary form, along with a FAQ list, some hints and tips on common problems and solutions, and other helpful content. For convenience, the source and binary packages are also available in the gdxrrw directory of the GAMS distribution.
  2. Documentation: The GDXRRW documentation is installed as part of the GDXRRW package and is available from within R in the usual way. See the GDXRRW GitHub page for details and hints.
  3. Examples, tests, and data: Like many R packages, GDXRRW comes with examples and data that help a user get started using the package. The R help system and the GDXRRW GitHub provide pointers to these. GDXRRW GitHub page also provides hints on finding and running the thousands of lines of tests that come with the GDXRRW package.