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gams::GAMSParameterRecord Class Reference

This is the representation of a single record of a GAMSParameter. More...

#include <gamsparameterrecord.h>

Inheritance diagram for gams::GAMSParameterRecord:

Public Member Functions

 GAMSParameterRecord ()
 GAMSParameterRecord (const GAMSSymbolRecord &record)
GAMSParameterRecordoperator= (const GAMSParameterRecord &other)
double value ()
 Retrieve the value of this GAMSParameterRecord.
void setValue (const double val)
 Set the value of this GAMSParameterRecord.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gams::GAMSSymbolRecord
 GAMSSymbolRecord ()
 GAMSSymbolRecord (const GAMSSymbolRecord &record)
virtual ~GAMSSymbolRecord ()
GAMSSymbolRecordoperator= (const GAMSSymbolRecord &other)
bool operator!= (const GAMSSymbolRecord &other) const
bool operator== (const GAMSSymbolRecord &other) const
bool isValid () const
bool moveNext ()
bool movePrevious ()
std::vector< std::string > keys ()
 Retrieve keys of GAMSSymbolRecord.
std::string key (int index)
std::string operator[] (int i)
LogId logID ()
GAMSEnum::SymbolType type () const
 Get the GAMSSymbol type.

Detailed Description

This is the representation of a single record of a GAMSParameter.

Definition at line 36 of file gamsparameterrecord.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GAMSParameterRecord() [1/2]

gams::GAMSParameterRecord::GAMSParameterRecord ( )

The default constructor allows to create an uninitialized GAMSParameterRecord to be used later in the code. The method isValid() shows if the instance is initialized.

◆ GAMSParameterRecord() [2/2]

gams::GAMSParameterRecord::GAMSParameterRecord ( const GAMSSymbolRecord record)

Copy constructor.

recordAnother GAMSSymbolRecord used as data source.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

GAMSParameterRecord & gams::GAMSParameterRecord::operator= ( const GAMSParameterRecord other)

Assigns a GAMSParameterRecord.

otherAnother GAMSParameterRecord used as data source.
Returns the assigned GAMSParameterRecord (*this).

◆ setValue()

void gams::GAMSParameterRecord::setValue ( const double  val)

Set the value of this GAMSParameterRecord.

◆ value()

double gams::GAMSParameterRecord::value ( )

Retrieve the value of this GAMSParameterRecord.