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com.gams.api.GAMSRunParameters Class Reference

Run parameters for GAMSJob. More...

Inheritance diagram for com.gams.api.GAMSRunParameters:
com.gams.api.AbstractRunParameters com.gams.api.GAMSEngineRunParameters


class  newBuilder
 A builder of GAMSRunParameters. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from com.gams.api.AbstractRunParameters
GAMSOptions options ()
 Gets GAMSOptions.
GAMSCheckpoint checkpoint ()
 Gets GAMSCheckpoint.
PrintStream output ()
 Gets output stream.
boolean createOutDB ()
 Gets flag that determines if an output database should be created

List< GAMSDatabasedatabases ()
 Gets list of GAMSDatabases

void setGAMSOptions (GAMSOptions option)
 Sets GAMSOptions as a run parameter.
void setGAMSCheckpoint (GAMSCheckpoint checkpoint)
 Sets GAMSCheckpoint as a run parameter.
void setOutput (PrintStream out)
 Sets Output stream as a run parameter.
void setCreateOutDB (boolean b)
 Sets flag that determines if an output database should be created as a run parameter.
void setGAMSDatabases (List< GAMSDatabase > db)
 Sets list of GAMSDatabases as a run parameter.

Detailed Description

Run parameters for GAMSJob.

GAMSRunParameters instance stores run parameters for running a job, such as options, checkpoint, output log, flag to determine if output database should be created and a list of input databases, can be set.

An instance of GAMSRunParameters can be created through GAMSRunParameters.newBuilder instance. A GAMSRunParameters.newBuilder instance is created by calling GAMSRunParameters.newBuilder() constructor and an instance of GAMSRunParameters is obtained from the build() method of a GAMSRunParameters.newBuilder instance.

GAMSRunParameters.newBuilder instance can be copied and modified multiple times in order to build multiple GAMSRunParameters instances with different run parameters.