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Matlab.GAMS.GAMSIterator Class Reference

GAMSSymbol / GAMSSymbolRecord Iterator. More...

Public Member Functions

 GAMSIterator (varargin)
 Construct a new GAMSIterator instance.
logical hasNext ()
 Checks if the iteration has more elements.
GAMSSymbolRecord next ()
 Returns the next element in the iteration.
void remove ()
 The purpose of this method is to remove all records of the last GAMSSymbol element returned by the iterator.

Public Attributes

integer type
 Type of iterator.

Detailed Description

GAMSSymbol / GAMSSymbolRecord Iterator.

See also
GAMSDatabase, GAMSSymbol, GAMSSymbolRecord, GAMSEquation, GAMSVariable, GAMSParameter, GAMSSet

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasNext()

logical Matlab.GAMS.GAMSIterator.hasNext ( )

Checks if the iteration has more elements.

Return: true if iterator has next element, false otherwise

◆ next()

GAMSSymbolRecord Matlab.GAMS.GAMSIterator.next ( )

Returns the next element in the iteration.

Return: next element in the iteration

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

integer Matlab.GAMS.GAMSIterator.type

Type of iterator.

1: GAMSSetRecord; 2: GAMSParameterRecord; 3: GAMSVariableRecord; 4: GAMSEquationRecord; >4: other