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Solver termination condition. More...

Public Member Functions

integer value ()
 Returns alternative value of enum option.

Static Public Member Functions

static SolveStat lookup (integer value)
 Find enum option from alternative value.

Public Attributes

 Solver terminated because the model is beyond the solvers capabilities.
 Solver quit with nonlinear term evaluation errors.
 Solver terminated with error.
 Solver ran out of iterations.
 Solver terminated with a license error.
 NORMAL =(1)
 Normal termination.
 Solver exceeded time limit.
 Solver terminated on setup error.
 SKIPPED =(12)
 Solve skipped.
 SOLVER =(4)
 Solver quit with a problem.
 Solver terminated with error.
 Other error.
 Undefined status.
 USER =(8)
 Solver terminated on users request (e.g. Ctrl-C)

Detailed Description

Solver termination condition.

Member Function Documentation

◆ lookup()

static SolveStat Matlab.GAMS.SolveStat.lookup ( integer  value)

Find enum option from alternative value.


  • value: Alternative value

Return: enum option

◆ value()

integer Matlab.GAMS.SolveStat.value ( )

Returns alternative value of enum option.

Return: Alternative value of enum option