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gams.control.database.GamsEquationRecord Class Reference

This is the representation of a single record of a GamsEquation. More...

Inheritance diagram for gams.control.database.GamsEquationRecord:

Public Member Functions

def __str__ (self)
 Retrieve a string representation of this record.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gams.control.database._GamsSymbolRecord
def key (self, index)
 Retrieve key of GamsSymbolRecord on position index.
def move_next (self)
 Iterate to next GamsSymbolRecord of GamsSymbol.
def move_previous (self)
 Iterate to previous GamsSymbolRecord of GamsSymbol.


property level = property(get_level, set_level)
 Get or set the level of this record.
property marginal = property(get_marginal, set_marginal)
 Get or set the marginal of this record.
property upper = property(get_upper, set_upper)
 Get or set the upper bound of this record.
property lower = property(get_lower, set_lower)
 Get or set the lower bound of this record.
property scale = property(get_scale, set_scale)
 Get or set the scale of this record.
- Properties inherited from gams.control.database._GamsSymbolRecord
property keys = property(get_keys)
 Retrieve keys of GamsSymbolRecord.
property symbol = property(get_symbol)
 Retrieve the GamsSymbol that contains this record.

Detailed Description

This is the representation of a single record of a GamsEquation.