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gams.control.workspace.GamsExitCode Class Reference

GAMS exit code. More...

Static Public Attributes

int NormalReturn = 0
 Normal Return.
int SolverToBeCalled = 1
 Solver is to be called, the system should never return this number.
int CompilationError = 2
 There was a compilation error.
int ExecutionError = 3
 There was an execution error.
int SystemLimitsReached = 4
 System limits were reached.
int FileError = 5
 There was a file error.
int ParameterError = 6
 There was a parameter error.
int LicensingError = 7
 There was a licensing error.
int GAMSSystemError = 8
 There was a GAMS system error.
int GAMSCouldNotBeStarted = 9
 GAMS cold not be started.
int OutOfMemory = 10
 Out of memory.
int OutOfDisk = 11
 Out of of disk.
int CouldNotCreateScratchDir = 109
 Could not create process/scratch directory.
int TooManyScratchDirs = 110
 Too many process/scratch directorie.
int CouldNotDeleteScratchDir = 112
 Could not delete the process/scratch directory.
int CouldNotWriteGamsNext = 113
 Could not write "gamsnext" script.
int CouldNotWriteParamFile = 114
 Could not write "parameter" file.
int CouldNotReadEnvVar = 115
 Could not read environment variable.
int CouldNotSpawnGAMScmex = 400
 Could not spawn the GAMS language compiler (gamscmex)
int CurDirNotFound = 401
 Current directory (curdir) does not exist.
int CurDirNotSet = 402
 Cannot set current directory (curdir)
int BlankInSysDir = 404
 Blank in system directory (UNIX only)
int BlankInCurDir = 405
 Blank in current directory (UNIX only)
int BlankInScrExt = 406
 Blank in scratch extension (scrext)
int UnexpectedCmexRC = 407
 Unexpected cmexRC.
int ProcDirNotFound = 408
 Could not find the process directory (procdir)
int CmexLibNotFound = 409
 CMEX library not found (experimental)
int CmexLibEPNotFound = 410
 Entry point in CMEX library not found (experimental)
int CannotAddPath = 909
 Cannot add path / Unknown UNIX environment / Cannot set environment variable.
int MissingCommandLineParameter = 1000
 Driver error: Missing command line parameter for gams.exe.
int CannotInstallInterrupt = 2000
 Driver error: Internal error: Cannot install interrupt handler.
int CouldNotGetCurrentDir = 3000
 Driver error: Problems getting current directory (sometimes caused by specifying the current directory in Microsoft UNC format)
int CmexNotFound = 4000
 Driver error: Internal error: GAMS compile and execute module not found.
int OptNotFound = 5000
 Driver error: Internal error: Cannot load option handling library.

Detailed Description

GAMS exit code.