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gams.control.workspace.SolveStat Class Reference

Solver termination condition. More...

Static Public Attributes

int Normal = 1
 Normal termination.
int Iteration = 2
 Solver ran out of iterations.
int Resource = 3
 Solver exceeded time limit.
int Solver = 4
 Solver quit with a problem.
int EvalError = 5
 Solver quit with nonlinear term evaluation errors.
int Capability = 6
 Solver terminated because the model is beyond the solvers capabilities.
int License = 7
 Solver terminated with a license error.
int User = 8
 Solver terminated on users request (e.g.
int SetupErr = 9
 Solver terminated on setup error.
int SolverErr = 10
 Solver terminated with error.
int InternalErr = 11
 Solver terminated with error.
int Skipped = 12
 Solve skipped.
int SystemErr = 13
 Other error.

Detailed Description

Solver termination condition.

Member Data Documentation

◆ User

int gams.control.workspace.SolveStat.User = 8

Solver terminated on users request (e.g.