GAMS Integrated Development Environment

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The GAMS IDE is a general text editor with the ability to launch and monitor the compilation / execution of GAMS models. Progress of a compilation / execution can be monitored in the process window. The process window is also used as a navigation tool to locate syntax errors in the source code and to find various anchor points in the listing file. The IDE also facilitates the selection of default solvers and manages GAMS parameters on a file by file basis.


The IDE uses some new GAMS features which are not available in versions prior to version 95.


The on-line help only covers the use of the IDE, not the GAMS language. There is a mechanism however to access the GAMS documentation from the editor; see the Help menu option on the Main Window.


The interactive nature of the Windows environment often makes it difficult to reproduce a program bug reported by a user. If possible, try to reproduce the bug after a fresh start, noting the steps leading to the problem.


Guided Tour of the GAMS IDE

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