Steering : Minimize the Time Taken for a Particle, Acted upon by a Thrust of Constant Magnitude, to Achieve a Given Altitude and Terminal Velocity


  • Neculai Andrei, Nonlinear Optimization Applications Using the GAMS Technology,Springer Optimization and Its Applications, Model Steering (5.39) in chapter Applications of Mechanical Engineering , 2013

Category : GAMS NOA library

Mainfile : steering.gms

Minimize the time take for a particle, acted upon by a thrust of constant
magnitude, to achieve a given altitude and terminal velocity.

This model is from the COPS benchmarking suite.

The number of discretization points can be specified using the command
line parameter --nh.
COPS performance tests have been reported for nh = 50, 100, 200, 400

Dolan, E D, and More, J J, Benchmarking Optimization Software with COPS.
Tech. rep., Mathematics and Computer Science Division, 2000.

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Bryson, A, and Ho, Y, Applied Optimal Control: Optimization, Estimation,
and Control. John Wiley and Sons, 1975.

$if set n $set nh %n%
$if not set nh $set nh 800

sets h intervals / h0 * h%nh% /
c coordinates /
      y1 first position coordinate
      y2 second position coordinate
      y3 first velocity coordinate
      y4 second velocity coordinate /

scalars pi

nh number of intervals / %nh% /

a magnitude of force / 100.0 / ;

variables u(h)            control
          y(c,h)          coordinates
          tf              final time ;

positive variables step   step size ;

y.l('y2',h) = 5*(ord(h)-1)/nh;
y.l('y3',h) = 45*(ord(h)-1)/nh;
step.l = 1.0/nh;

equations tf_eqn, pos_eqn(c,h), velo1_eqn(h), velo2_eqn(h);

tf_eqn.. tf =e= step*nh;

pos_eqn(c+2,h+1).. y(c,h+1) =e= y(c,h) + 0.5*step*(y(c+2,h) + y(c+2,h+1));

velo1_eqn(h+1).. y('y3',h+1) =e= y('y3',h) + 0.5*step*(a*cos(u(h)) +

velo2_eqn(h+1).. y('y4',h+1) =e= y('y4',h) + 0.5*step*(a*sin(u(h)) +

pi = 2*arctan(inf);

u.lo(h) = -pi/2;
u.up(h) = pi/2;

y.fx(c,'h0') = 0;
y.fx('y2','h%nh%') = 5;
y.fx('y3','h%nh%') = 45;
y.fx('y4','h%nh%') = 0;

model steering /all/;

solve steering using nlp minimizing tf;

$iftheni x%mode%==xbook
*file res /g7.dat/;
*put res
*loop(h, put u.l(h):10:7, put/)

*End steering