compile5.gms : tests $goto, $ife, and $eval


Small Model of Type : GAMS

Category : GAMS Test library

Main file : compile5.gms

$title 'tests $goto, $ife, and $eval' (COMPILE5,SEQ=327)

$eval int   10
$eval dmax  10
$eval hmax %dmax%*%int%

set d / d1*d%dmax% / , dd(d)
    h / h1*h%hmax% /
    dh (d,h) create data with $goto
    dhx(d,h) assign with special lag;

dd(d) = no; dd('d1') = yes;
dhx(d+floor((ord(h)-1)/%int%),h)$dd(d) = yes;

set dh(d,h) /
$eval he '0' $eval d '0'
$label two $eval d '%d%+1' $eval hs '%he%+1' $eval he '%he%+%int%'
$ife %d%<%dmax% $goto two
           / ;
set error(d,h); error(d,h) = dhx(d,h) xor dh(d,h);
abort$card(error) 'dha and dhx are not the same', error;