: simple exchange model in MPSGE format, with post-tests

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Simple exchange model - works if you do not define stuff to create
errors.  Other models will simply $define things to cause certain
errors when this file is $include'd file, and to force a verification
that the errors are caught and reported correctly.

$eolcom //

$if NOT set QT            $set QT "'"  // a single quote by default
$if NOT set ILABEL        $set ILABEL i1
$if NOT set SETUPFAIL     $set SETUPFAIL 0

i       / %QT%%ILABEL%%QT% /,
j       / j1 * j2 /,
h       / h1 * h2 /;

display i;

parameter       d0(i,h)         Reference demands,
                e0(i,h)         Reference endowments;

d0(i,h) = uniform(0,1);
e0(i,h) = uniform(0,1);





$demand:ra34567890(h) s:1
        d:price67890(i,j)       q:d0(i,h)
        e:price67890(i,j)       q:e0(i,h)


$sysinclude mpsgeset exchange

solve exchange using mcp;

if {(%SETUPFAIL%=1),
* expect solvestat 9 ERROR SETUP FAILURE
  abort$( exchange.solvestat <> 9)            'wrong solvestat';
* expect modelstat 13 ERROR NO SOLUTION
  abort$( exchange.modelstat <> 13)           'wrong modelstat';
  abort$( exchange.solvestat <> 1)            'wrong solvestat';
  abort$( exchange.modelstat <> 1)            'wrong modelstat';