fnsinh.gms : Test correctness of sinh intrinsic


define some sets, etc.

Small Model of Type : GAMS

Category : GAMS Test library

Main file : fnsinh.gms   includes :   fnset_x.inc [htmlfntest_x.inc [html]

$title 'Test correctness of sinh intrinsic' (FNSINH,SEQ=161)

* define some sets, etc.
$include fnset_x.inc

$gdxin fnsinh
$load aeps reps relToInput T data

loop {T,
  data(T,  'f')    = sinh.value (data(T,'x'));
  data(T, 'fx')    = sinh.grad  (data(T,'x'));
  data(T,'fxx')    = sinh.hess  (data(T,'x'));
  data(T, 'rc')    = mathlastrc;
  data(T, 'ec')    = mathlastec;

abort$(execerror lt 3)
  'Should get execution errors evaluating sinh(x) for |x| large';
execerror = 0;

$include fntest_x.inc