pipe1.gms : piped assignment - permutation for two dimensions


Contributor: Alex Meeraus

Small Model of Type : GAMS

Category : GAMS Test library

Main file : pipe1.gms

$title piped assignment - permutation for two dimensions (PIPE1,SEQ=111)


Contributor: Alex Meeraus

$version 137 goto OK
$label OK

set i / i1*i5 /
set j / j1*j5 /

parameters a(i,j)    original
           b(j,i)    permuted with assign
           c(j,i)    permuted with option
           cc(i,j)   copy of a with option
           dbc(j,i)  diff between b and c
           dcc(i,j)  diff between a and cc;

a(i,j) =  ord(j)+(ord(i)-1)*card(j);

b(j,i) = a(i,j);

option c  < a
       cc < a;

dbc(j,i) = c(j,i) - b(j,i);
dcc(i,j) = a(i,j) - cc(i,j);

display dbc,dcc;

abort$(card(dbc)) 'piped assign failed',a,b,c,dbc;
abort$(card(dcc)) 'piped assign failed',a,cc,dcc;

variable  xx(i,j) some variable;
set       ss(i,j) this will be the domain of a
          kk(i,j) this will be the domain of xx
          ll(j,i) permuted kk
          das(i,j) difference between ss and a
          dxk(i,j) difference between kk and xx
          dxl(j,i) difference between ll and xx;

xx.l(i,j) = uniform(0,1) > .8;

option ss < a
       kk < xx
       ll < xx;

das(i,j) = a(i,j)    xor ss(i,j);
dxk(i,j) = xx.l(i,j) xor kk(i,j);
dxl(j,i) = xx.l(i,j) xor ll(j,i);
display das,dxk,dxl;

abort$(card(das)) 'piped assign failed',a,ss,das;
abort$(card(dxk)) 'piped assign failed',xx.l,kk,dxk;
abort$(card(dxl)) 'piped assign failed',xx.l,ll,dxl;