testmod.inc : TESTLIB Model Library

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* -*- fundamental -*-
$hidden When adding models we need to update this file at a few
$hidden spots. Look for $hidden lines. To check > gams testmod.inc
$hidden   update lib version above and run gams testmod.inc
$hidden ADDITIONALLY, new models need to be associated with a suite in
$hidden in quality.2 (look for the definition of SET ms(m,suite)).
alias (u,*)

SETS s Model Sequence Numbers /
   1*89, 91*131, 133*141, 145*210, 212*223, 225*263, 265*267
   269*276, 278*284, 287*352, 354*393,396
   399*666, 668*681, 683*756, 776*945
$hidden                           bump sequences numbers above

$stitle Model Names and Titles
set m model names in alphabetic order /
$hidden  enter the new model here, keep in order
ALIAS01    'Check handling of multi-dimensional aliases'
ASSIGN1    'Lagged replacements could go wrong'
ASSIGN2    'test for bad assignment with .fx'
ASYNCFIX01 'Test asynchronous solves with holdFixed'
ASYNCFIX02 'Test asynchronous solves with holdFixedAsync setting'
ASYNEXEC   'Test asynchronous execution at compile and execution time'
ASYNNTRP   'Start GAMS job asynchronously and send interrupt signal to it'
ATTRIB01   'Test attribute setting and preservation in Convert'
BADPT1     'Test rejection of models with generation errors'
BADPT2     'Test acceptance of models with generation errors'
BADPT3     'Test rejection of models with generation errors'
BADPT4     'Test acceptance of models with generation errors'
BADPT5     'Test acceptance of models with generation errors'
BARON01    'BARON test suite - basic option reading test'
BARON02    'BARON test suite - bar_space_length is case sensitive'
BARON03    'BARON test suite - test all combinations of LP/NLP solvers'
BINARY1    'Simple tests for binary boolean operations'
BINARY2    'Tests selected binary operations and functions'
BINARY3    'test binary operation: imp'
BINARY4    'Tests that solvers evaluate logical expressions correctly'
BLANK      'Runs GAMS with a parameter containing blanks'
BREAKCONT1 'Test break and continue statements'
BREAKCONT2 'Advanced test for break and continue statements'
BUILDWARNINGS 'checks gams system build log for warnings'
CACONCAT   'Test Connect agent Concatenate'
CACSVR     'Test Connect agent CSVReader'
CACSVW     'Test Connect agent CSVWriter'
CADOMAINW  'Test Connect agent DomainWriter'
CAFILTER   'Test Connect agent Filter'
CAGAMSRW   'Test Connect agent GAMSReader/Writer'
CAGDXRW    'Test Connect agent GDXReader/Writer'
CALABELM   'Test Connect agent LabelManipulator'
CAPCODE    'Test Connect agent PythonCode'
CASQLR     'Test Connect agent SQLReader'
CASQLW     'Test Connect agent SQLWriter'
CAPDXLSR   'Test Connect agent PandasExcelReader'
CAPDXLSRW  'Test Connect agents PandasExcelReader and PandasExcelWriter'
CALL2      'Check return codes for spawns of gams execute'
CALL3      'Check for standard output conflicts'
CALL4      'Check call with long command line'
CALL5      'Check that gams works with COMSPEC unset'
CALL6      'Call GAMS in a folder containing a %'
CAPROJECT  'Test Connect agent Projection'
CARD01     'Test extended card and ord functions'
CARD02     'Tests miniparser card() function'
CARD03     'Test card operator for scalar symbols'
CARCR      'Test Connect agent RawCSVReader'
CARXR      'Test Connect agent RawExcelReader'
CERR1      'Cone Equation Errors'
CHOLES01   'Test cholesky utility'
CHOLES02   'Test cholesky utility'
CIRCLEN    'Circle Enclosing Points n dimensional'
CLEAR1     'Test that option clear works like an assign'
CLEAR2     'Test that we cannot option clear a domain'
CLEAR3     '$clear acts like a data statement and knows about alias'
CLEAR4     '$clear cannot clear predefined symbols'
CLEAR5     'option clear cannot clear predefined symbols'
CLEAR6     'option clear cannot clear known predefined symbols'
CLEAR7     '$clear cannot clear known predefined symbols'
CMEXRC01   'Trigger unexpected cmexRC error'
CMI01      'Test captureModelInstance option with all solveLink combinations'
COMPILE1   'AB01031: a solve stmt messed up the symbol table'
COMPILE2   'test for data errors caused by C compiler bug'
COMPILE3   'No mixed mode is allowed in equations'
COMPILE4   '$goto back fails'
COMPILE5   'tests $goto, $ife, and $eval'
COMPILE6   'Test that we can read a Mac-formatted file'
COMPILE7   'Test and document some system.XXX macros'
COMPILE8   'Test for a mapping error'
COMPLINK   'Compile and link external equation libraries'
CONDTWIN   'CONOPT with two solves in a row'
CONNECTSUB 'Test substitution for Connect'
CONOPT01   'CONOPT test suite - basic option reading test'
CONOPT02   'CONOPT test suite - multi-thread test'
CONOPT03   'CONOPT test suite - different libraries in one process'
CONVERT2   'CONVERT test suite - Basic test of convert output for linear model'
CONVERT3   'CONVERT test suite - basic option reading test'
CONVERT4   'CONVERT test suite - proper placing of parenthesis'
CONVERT5   'CONVERT test suite - min(max(x1,x2),x3)'
CONVERT6   'CONVERT test suite - hessian.gdx'
CONVERT7   'CONVERT test suite - test hessian info correctness'
CONVERT8   'CONVERT test suite - test eps is kept'
CONVERT9   'CONVERT test suite - handling of fixed vars for nlp2mcp'
CONVERT10  'CONVERT test suite - check interval evaluator in Convert'
CONVERT11  'CONVERT test suite - check interval evaluator in Convert'
CONVERT12  'CONVERT test suite - check interval evaluator in Convert'
CONVERT13  'CONVERT test suite - apply dict to gams format'
CONVERT14  'CONVERT test suite - nonlinear expression reformulations'
CONVERT15  'CONVERT test suite - support of nonlinear functions'
CONVERT16  'CONVERT test suite - Basic test of convert output for quadratic model'
CONVERT17  'CONVERT test suite - check stage and scale export in dumpgdx'
COPT01     'COPT test suite - iis'
COPT02     'COPT test suite - tuning'
CPPLIB00   'Test build of CPP library'
CPPLIB01   'Test extrinsic functions in cppcclib'
CPPLIB02   'Test extrinsic functions in cppcclib'
CPPLIB03   'Test extrinsic functions in cppcclib'
CPPLIB04   'Test extrinsic functions in cppcclib'
CPPLIB05   'Test extrinsic functions in cppcclib'
CTRLC      'Interactive test for interrupt behaviour'
CNS01      'Test how bounds change the 1-variable CNS model sqr(x)=4'
CNS02      'Test how bounds change a 2-variable CNS model'
CNS03      'CNS test - holdfixed and singular models'
CNS04      'CNS model with globally unique solution'
CNS05      'CNS model with globally unique solution'
CNS06      'CNS model with globally unique solution'
CNS07      'CNS model with globally unique solution'
CNS08      'CNS model - singular, nonsquare'
CNS09      'CNS model - solvable, singular'
CNS10      'CNS model - solvable, singular'
CNS11      'CNS model - solvable, nonsingular start point'
CNS12      'CNS model - unsolvable model, scaling issues'
CNS13      'CNS model - solvable, globally unique'
CPLEX01    'CPLEX test suite - basic option reading test'
CPLEX02    'CPLEX test suite - tuning test'
CPLEX03    'CPLEX test suite - long UEL names and large domains'
CPLEX04    'CPLEX test suite - free gams model test'
CPLEX05    'CPLEX test suite - interactive'
CPLEX06    'CPLEX test suite - multiobjective'
CPLEX07    'CPLEX test suite - bch incumbent checker'
CPLEX08    'CPLEX test suite - conflict analysis'
CSV2GDX1   'Test csv2gdx on input containing spaces'
CSV2GDX2   'CSV2GDX - Testing the Option checkDate'
CSV2GDX3   'CSV2GDX - Testing the Behavior of quoted Field Separators'
CSV2GDX4   'CSV2GDX - Reading special Values'
CSV2GDX5   'CSV2GDX - Testing the autoRow and autoCol Option'
CSV2GDX6   'CSV2GDX - Testing the value(s) and index Option'
CSV2GDX7   'CSV2GDX - Checking the Error Messages for incorrect Parameter Input'
CSV2GDX8   'CSV2GDX - Testing the valueDim Option'
CSV2GDX9   'CSV2GDX - Testing the Field Separator Tab'
CSV2GDX10  'CSV2GDX - Testing the Field Separator Semicolon'
CSV2GDX11  'CSV2GDX - Testing the Field Separator Comma'
DATA1      'Bug test: bad message on max dimensions'
DATTIM1    'basic day/time test for Thursday Jul 4, 2002'
DATTIM2    'day of week test starting Monday Jan 7, 2002'
DATTIM3    'Julian time test'
DATTIM4    'Julian date test'
DATTIM5    'test Gxxx functions'
DATTIM6    'time decoding test'
DBG01      'Test debugging option on Windows'
DCO01      'Test default state and switching state for dollar control options'
DDLIST1    'Test the double dash option check'
DECIS01    'Test small DECIS Models with DECISC and DECISM'
DECIS02    'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of LP'
DECIS03    'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of LP'
DECLA1     'Incorrect asterisk list generation'
DECLA2     'Test declaration that crashed on CD21.6'
DECLA3     'Test correct loading after multi declaration of domain set'
DELIM1     'check element text'
DELIM2     'Test domain checking on columns under $ondelim'
DELIM3     'Bug test: missing elements not reported'
DELIM4     'Drop dummy in column definition under $ondelim'
DELIM5     'Limited scope for $onDelim'
DICT1      'test new dictionary (starting with cmex 147)'
DIRS01     'Test search and processing of gamslice.txt and gamsconfig.yaml in user space'
DMPSYM01   'Test dmpSym and dmpUserSym feature'
DOC01      'runs linkchecker on offline documentation'
DUMPSOL    'Alternate Solutions for a Simple Facility Location Problem'
DUMP01     'Test loading/dumping of uels from gdx - quoting!'
DUMPOPT1   'Test verbatim dumpOpt'
DUMPOPT2   'Test dumpOpt with dumpOptGDX'
DUPLIC01   'Detecting duplicate entries in unsorted data'
ECHO1      'Test that $echon does not write a new line'
EDCRYPT1   'tests for endecrypt with and without password'
EIGVAL01   'Test eigenvalue utility'
EIGVEC01   'Test eigenvector utility'
EIGVEC02   'Test eigenvector/eigenvalue utilities'
EMBED1     'Test syntax: bad number field in embedded parameter'
EMBED2     'Compare equivalent data statements'
EMBED3     'Test embedded parameter values: multiplication'
EMBMIHWS   'ModelInstance hot/warmstart switch'
EMBGMS01   'Test for embedded code facility'
EMBGMS02   'Test for embedded code facility'
EMBGMS03   'Test projection operator when loading data from embedded code'
EMBGMS04   'Test continuation of embedded code blocks'
EMBGMS05   'Test merge/replace when loading data from embedded code'
EMBGMS06   'Test domain check/filtered when loading data from embedded code'
EMBGMS08   'Test filtered load from Embedded Code'
EMBGMS09   'Test Embedded Code after restart'
EMBPY01    'Test for embedded code facility'
EMBPY02    'Test for embedded code facility'
EMBPY03    'Test projection operator when loading data from embedded code'
EMBPY04    'Test continuation of embedded code blocks'
EMBPY05    'Test merge/replace when loading data from embedded code'
EMBPY06    'Test domain check/filtered when loading data from embedded code'
EMBPY07    'Test no_match_limit for model instance'
EMBPY08    'Test filtered load from Embedded Code'
EMBPY09    'Test Embedded Code after restart'
EMBPY10    'Test Embedded Code for Environment Variables'
EMBPY11    'Test proper domain info in Embedded Code'
EMBPY12    'Test implicit/explicit loading in Embedded Code'
EMBPY13    'Test implicit/explicit loading in Embedded Code (execution time)'
EMP01      'Compares EMP results for a simple LP with known results'
EMP02      'Compares EMP results for a simple NLP with known results'
EMP03      'Check correctness of NLP->MCP reform in EMP'
EMP04      'Compare results of EMP runs using different options for nlp problem'
EMP05      'Test handling of constant equations'
EMP06      'Test of EMP based on trnsport model'
EMP07      'Test of EMP based on trnsport model'
EMP08      'Test of EMP based on trnsport model'
EMP09      'Test initial levels for equilibrium EMP models'
EMP10      'Test of EMP equilibrium models and flip operator'
EMP11      'Test EMP formulations of scarfmcp'
EMP12      'Test of EMP equilibrium models and fixed vars'
EMP13      'Test of EMP equilibrium models and fixed vars'
EMP14      'Test of EMP equilibrium model with vi func'
EMP15      'Test of EMP equilibrium model with vi func'
EMP16      'Test of NLP -> MCP via JAMS'
EMP17      'Simple test of one optimizing agent'
EMP18      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP19      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP20      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP21      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP22      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP23      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP24      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP25      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP26      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variable handling'
EMP27      'Test LOGMIP/EMP on x.fx=0 handling'
EMP28      'Test JAMS/EMP on QVI model'
EMP29      'Test JAMS/EMP on QVI model'
EMP30      'Test JAMS/EMP on implicit variables appearing in constraints'
EMP31      'Test JAMS/EMP with no followers owning implicit variables'
EMP32      'Test JAMS/EMP on QVI model with zero function'
EMP33      'JAMS: matches from model statement may be ignored'
EMPADJ01   'Test for EMPs AdjustEqu/NYslp option'
EMPBP01    'Simple bilevel model, inner problem consists of objective only'
EMPBP02    'Simple bilevel model, outer problem consists of objective only'
EMPBP03    'Simple bilevel model, both inner and outer problems have constraints'
EMPBP04    'Bilevel model with and without well-defined inner objective equation'
EMPBP05    'Bilevel model with MIN follower vs. VI follower'
EMPBP06    'Bilevel model with phantom vars owned by leader'
EMPDISJ1   'Test EMP Disjunction - Minimize the makespan'
EMPDISJ2   'Test Disjunctions involving the objective'
EMPDISJ3   'Test Disjunctions using not (equivalence)'
EMPDISJ4   'Test disjunctions with negative bounds on variables'
EMPDISJ5   'Test disjunctions using not on binary variable and constraint'
EMPDISJ6   'Test disjunctions using negated equality equations'
EMPDISJ7   'Test disjunctions using negated variables in disjunctive terms'
EMPECS01   'Test for EMP-Embedded Complementarity System'
EMPECS02   'Test for EMP-Embedded Complementarity System'
EMPLOG1    'Test disjunctions and logical conditions'
EMPLOG2    'Test simple logical conditions'
EMPLP01    'Simple test on one equation with EMP'
EMPLP02    'Simple level and sign test with EMP'
EMPLP03    'Many free variables and restart with EMP'
EMPLP10    'Poorly-scaled model - small matrix entry implies large x using EMP'
EMPLP11    'Simple test on one =n= equation using EMP'
EMPLP12    'Test solution quality with solvelink=3 using EMP'
EMPLP13    'checks +/- INF on =L=, =G=, and =N= equations using EMP'
EMPPY1     'Test an equilibrium model using emp python'
EMPPY2     'Formulate the simplevi.gms example using emp python'
EMPPY3     'Test a combination of optimization and vi agents using emp python'
EMPSP01    'Test EMPSP keyword stageDefault'
EMPVI01    'Simple test for variational inequalities through EMP'
EMPVI02    'Compares manual and EMP-VI models'
EMPVI03    'Compares alternative EMP-VI models'
EMPVI04    'Test for EMP Variational Inequalities'
EMPVI05    "Test for EMP's treatment of a odd variables"
EMPTY1     'checks if empty equation are feasible'
EMPTY2     'Empty Row Test'
ENCODING01 'Test processing of source files with BOM'
ENPRO56    'MINLP model used by CTRLC test'
EPS1       'EPS in multiplications and divisions'
EPSTOZERO1 'Test writing eps as zero to GDX'
ETSUF01    'Test Execution Time Suffixes'
EVAL01     'constant evaluation with non-stop arithmetic'
EVAL02     '$eval/ife/...  sameas function'
EVAL03     'test constant compile time evaluation functions'
EVAL04     'test constant compile time evaluation operators'
EVAL05     'constant expression test for ceil,floor,trunc,frac'
EVAL06     'matching operators in a column spec'
EVAL07     'test evaluation of real constants - string2Double conversion'
EVAL08     'Test $eval with hidden functions'
ER1        'External Equation - Error Example 1'
ER2        'External Equation - Error Example 2'
ER3        'External Equation - Error Example 3'
EX1        'External Equation - Example 1'
EX1X       'External Equation - Example 1x'
EX2        'External Equation - Example 2'
EX3        'External Equation - Example 3'
EX4        'External Equation - Example 4'
EX4X       'External Equation - Example 4x'
EX5        'External Equation - Example 5'
EXECERR1   'Test for execerr option'
EXMCP1     'External Equation - Example MCP 1'
EXMCP2     'External Equation - Example MCP 2'
EXMCP3     'External Equation - Example MCP 3'
EXMCP4     'Hansen/Koopmans: External Equation - Example MCP 4'
EXMCP5     'Intermixed External Rows: External Equation - Example MCP 5'
EXMCP6     'External Equation - Example MCP 6'
EXAMIN01   'EXAMINER test suite - basic option reading test'
EXAMIN02   'EXAMINER test suite - runs examiner with selected subsolver'
EXAMIN03   'EXAMINER test suite - test returnInitPoint option'
EXAMIN04   'EXAMINER test suite - test returnGamsPoint option and QCP'
EXAMIN05   'EXAMINER test suite - test merit function value in m.RObj'
EXECMODE01 'Test execmode behavior'
FITLIB01   'Test the use of FITPACK inside GAMS'
FNACOS     'Test correctness of arccos intrinsic'
FNACOSX    'Test correctness of arccos intrinsic eXceptions'
FNASIN     'Test correctness of arcsin intrinsic'
FNASINX    'Test correctness of arcsin intrinsic eXceptions'
FNATAN     'Test correctness of arctan intrinsic'
FNATAN2    'Test correctness of arctan2 intrinsic'
FNATAN2N   'Test correctness of arctan2 intrinsic'
FNATAN2X   'Test correctness of arctan2 intrinsic eXceptions'
FNBETA     'Test correctness of beta intrinsic'
FNBINOMIAL 'Test correctness of binomial intrinsic'
FNCENTR    'Test correctness of centropy intrinsic'
FNCENTR2   'Test correctness of centropy intrinsic'
FNCENTR3   'Test correctness of centropy intrinsic'
FNCENTR4   'Test correctness of centropy intrinsic'
FNCENTR5   'Test centropy intrinsic on nice inputs'
FNCENTR6   'Test centropy intrinsic on small inputs'
FNCENTRX   'Test correctness of centropy intrinsic eXceptions'
FNCENTRY   'Test correctness of centropy(x,y,d) intrinsic exceptions'
FNCOS      'Test correctness of cos intrinsic'
FNCOSH     'Test correctness of cosh intrinsic'
FNCVPOW    'Test correctness of cvpow intrinsic'
FNCVPOW2   'Test correctness of cvpow intrinsic'
FNCVPOW3   'Test correctness of cvpow intrinsic'
FNEDIST    'Test correctness of edist intrinsic'
FNEDIST2   'Test correctness of edist intrinsic'
FNEDIST3   'Test correctness of edist intrinsic'
FNENTRO    'Test correctness of entropy intrinsic'
FNENTRO2   'Test correctness of entropy intrinsic'
FNERRF     'Test correctness of errorf intrinsic'
FNERRF2    'Test correctness of errorf intrinsic'
FNEXP      'Test correctness of exp intrinsic'
FNFACT     'Test correctness of fact intrinsic'
FNGAMMA    'Test correctness of gamma intrinsic'
FNGAMMA2   'Test correctness of gamma intrinsic'
FNLOG      'Test correctness of log intrinsic'
FNLOG10    'Test correctness of log10 intrinsic'
FNLOG2     'Test correctness of log2 intrinsic'
FNLOGBETA  'Test correctness of logbeta intrinsic'
FNLOGGAMMA 'Test correctness of loggamma intrinsic'
FNLOGIT    'Test correctness of logit intrinsic'
FNLSE      'Rough correctness test for LSE max/min intrinsics'
FNLSEMAX   'Test correctness of LSEMax intrinsic'
FNLSEMAXSC 'Test correctness of LSEMaxSc intrinsic'
FNLSEMIN   'Test correctness of LSEMin intrinsic'
FNLSEMINSC 'Test correctness of LSEMinSc intrinsic'
FNLSESLV   'Rough solver correctness test for LSEMax intrinsics'
FNNCPCM    'Test correctness of ncpcm intrinsic'
FNNCPCM2   'Test correctness of ncpcm intrinsic'
FNNCPF     'Test correctness of ncpf intrinsic'
FNNCPF2    'Test correctness of ncpf intrinsic'
FNNCPF3    'Test correctness of ncpf intrinsic'
FNNCPVUP   'Test correctness of NCPVUpow intrinsic'
FNNCPVUPOW2 'Test correctness of NCPVUpow intrinsic'
FNNCPVUS   'Test correctness of NCPVUsin intrinsic'
FNNCPVUSIN2 'Test correctness of NCPVUsin intrinsic'
FNNCPVUx   'Test correctness of NCPVUxxx intrinsics'
FNPI       'Test correctness of pi intrinsic'
FNPOWER    'Test correctness of power intrinsic'
FNRPOW     'Test correctness of rpower intrinsic'
FNRPOW2    'Test correctness of rpower intrinsic'
FNRPOW3    'Test correctness of rpower intrinsic'
FNSIGMO    'Test correctness of sigmoid intrinsic'
FNSIGMO2   'Test correctness of sigmoid intrinsic'
FNSIN      'Test correctness of sin intrinsic'
FNSINCOSINTRV 'Test sin/cos func/grad interval evals'
FNSINH     'Test correctness of sinh intrinsic'
FNSLLOG10  'Test correctness of sllog10 intrinsic'
FNSLLOG102 'Test correctness of sllog10 intrinsic'
FNSLEXP    'Test correctness of slexp intrinsic'
FNSLEXP2   'Test correctness of slexp intrinsic'
FNSLREC    'Test correctness of slrec intrinsic'
FNSLREC2   'Test correctness of slrec intrinsic'
FNSPOWN    'Test correctness of signpower intrinsic'
FNSPOWX    'Test correctness of signpower intrinsic'
FNSQEXP    'Test correctness of sqexp intrinsic'
FNSQEXP2   'Test correctness of sqexp intrinsic'
FNSQLOG10  'Test correctness of sqlog10 intrinsic'
FNSQLOG102 'Test correctness of sqlog10 intrinsic'
FNSQR      'Test correctness of sqr intrinsic'
FNSQREC    'Test correctness of sqrec intrinsic'
FNSQREC2   'Test correctness of sqrec intrinsic'
FNSQRT     'Test correctness of sqrt intrinsic'
FNTAN      'Test correctness of tan intrinsic'
FNTANH     'Test correctness of tanh intrinsic'
FNVCPOW    'Test correctness of vcpower intrinsic'
FNVCPOW2   'Test correctness of vcpower intrinsic'
FORCEERR   'ForceError and ForceErrorCnt Example'
FUNCBACK   'Test function backward compatibility'
FUNCS1     'Test functions in NLP and DNLP'
FUNCS2     'Test functions in linear models'
FUNCS3     'declaration via a table using function names'
FUNCS4     'Rules for getting derivs/intervals of intrinsics'
FUNCS5     'Test correctness of intrinsic functions'
FUZZY      'MINLP model used by CTRLC test'
GAMSBAS1   'GAMSBAS test suite - basic option reading test'
GAMSCHK1   'GAMSCHK test suite - basic option reading test'
GBIN1      'Checks to see if we have unix utilities in the path'
GDX1       'Checks opening of gdx files for read and write'
GDX2       'Test loading of old GDX files from other platforms'
GDX3       'gdx test sorting with new elements'
GDX4       'Test renaming of GDX files for load/unload operations'
GDX5       'Checks for unreported GDX error'
GDX6       'GDX Test - Unsorted full domains'
GDX7       'Bad acronym loading'
GDX8       'Bad acronym mapping'
GDX9       'Checks unloading and loading a GDX file with variable attributes'
GDXCOMP1   'Compressed GDX - basic operation'
GDXCOMP2   'GDX - compressed and MT operation'
GDXCONV1   'Compare all combinations of GDXCOMPRESS and GDXCONVERT'
GDXCOPY1   'Test GDXCOPY utility with /V5 option'
GDXCOPY2   'Test GDXCOPY utility with -V6C and V6U options'
GDXCOPY3   'Test GDXCOPY utility with -V7C and V7U options'
GDXCOPY4   'Test internal gdxcopy call and its controls'
GDXCOPY5   'Test GDX environment variables with trailing blanks'
GDXCOPY6   'Test gdxcopy with relaxed domain information'
GDXDIFF1   'Test GDXDIFF handling of zeros when eps>0'
GDXDIFF2   'Test GDXDIFFs fldonly option'
GDXDUMP1   'Use GdxDump NoData on Transportation Problem'
GDXDUMP2   'GDXDUMP - Testing the dumping Functionality on several GDX Files'
GDXDUMP3   'GDXDUMP - Dumping special Values of a Parameter from GDX'
GDXDUMP4   'GDXDUMP - Dumping special Values of Variable-Subfields from GDX'
GDXENCODING1 'Simple gdxencoding test'
GDXMERG1   'test gdxmerge - verify that an aliased set can be merged'
GDXMERG2   'Bad acronym merge in gdxmerge'
GDXMERG3   'Test strict mode'
GDXMRW01   'test the Matlab utility writegdx'
GDXMRW02   'test the Matlab utility readgdx'
GDXMRW03   'test the Matlab utility rgdx'
GDXMRW04   'test the Matlab utility wgdx'
GDXMRW05   'test the Matlab mex-file gams'
GDXMRW06   'run a battery of GDXMRW tests'
GDXMRW07   'provide Matlab support script'
GDXRANK1   'Tests some GDXRANK stuff'
GDXRENAME1 'Simple gdxrename test'
GDXRENAME2 'Tests some gdxrename stuff'
GDXSQLITE1 'Test basic functionality of GDX2SQLITE tool'
GDXXRW1    'Testing the clear option with larger data'
GDXXRW2    'Testing the clear option with fitting data'
GDXXRW3    'Testing gdxxrw with xlsx or gdx file'
GDXXRW4    'Test for some scalar read problems'
GDXXRW5    'Test for password handling of gdxxrw'
GDXXRW6    'Test for dset reading problem'
GDXXRW7    'Test merge and clear option for special data layout'
GDXXRW8    'GDXXRW - Testing the Option intAsText'
GDXXRW9    'GDXXRW - Testing the Option checkDate'
GDXXRW10   'GDXXRW - Testing cMerge when reading Sets with the values Option'
GDXXRW11   'GDXXRW - Reading and writing special Values'
GDXXRW12   'GDXXRW - Testing the skipEmpty and cMerge Option'
GDXXRW13   'GDXXRW - Testing the values Option when reading or writing Set Elements'
GDXXRW14   'GDXXRW - Testing different Excel Range Specifications'
GDXXRW15   'GDXXRW - Testing option dSetText'
GEN_R1     'Generate GDX file for test of GDXMRW'
GEN_R2     'Generate GDX file for test of GDXMRW'
GEN_RBIG   'Generate GDX file for test of GDXMRW'
GENFILE01  'Test generic file names'
GENR2      'Generate test data for read2 test of gdxMrw'
GENR3      'Generate test data for read3 test of gdxMrw'
GENR4      'Generate test data for read4 test of gdxMrw'
GENR5      'Generate test data for read5 test of gdxMrw'
GENW2      'Generate test data for write2 test of gdxMrw'
GENW3      'Generate test data for write3 test of gdxMrw'
GENW4      'Generate test data for write4 test of gdxMrw'
GFT        'MPSGE model used by CTRLC test'
GAMS2NUMPY01   'Test gams.transfer.numpy Python API string mode'
GAMS2NUMPY02   'Test gams.transfer.numpy Python API raw mode'
GAMSJUPYTER01  'Test GAMS Jupyter Notebooks'
GUROBI01   'GUROBI test suite - tuning test'
GUROBI02   'GUROBI test suite - general constraints max,min,abs'
GUROBI03   'GUROBI test suite - general constraints and,or'
GUROBI04   'GUROBI test suite - multi objective'
GUROBI05   'GUROBI test suite - general constraints sin/cos'
GUROBI06   'GUROBI test suite - general constraints norm'
GUROBI07   'GUROBI test suite - nonlinear constraints to general constraints'
GAMSXCPPMEX 'Test calling and validating new C++ compiler against legacy Delphi compiler'
GUSSSKIP   'Simple GUSS example with skipped scenario'
GVERSION   'test the Matlab mex-file gams'
GZIP01     'Test gzipped input files'
HANDLE01   'Test the m.handle functionality: submit, wait, resubmit'
HANDLE02   'Test handlecollect with save and restart'
HAR1       'gdx2har and har2gdx test from Example 1'
IDC01      'Implicit Data Contract Test'
IDE01      'Basic test for IDE mode'
IDIR01     'Test including files from different locations'
IDXOPER1   'Test indexed operations'
IDXPERM1   'Check correct behavior when permuting indices in model generation'
IDXPERM2   'Check correct behavior when permuting indices in loop etc'
IDXPERM3   'Check correct behavior when permuting indices of symbol used on LHS and RHS'
IDXPERM4   'Check correct behavior when permuting indices of symbol using same controlling set multiple times'
IFNOT1     'Better recognition of $if NOT =='
IFSTAT1    'tests of $if statement'
IFSTAT2    '$IF should allow keywords for SET and ENV'
IFSTAT3    'Tests $if exist and $if dexist'
IFSTAT4    'Tests $if gamslevel and related items'
IFSTAT5    'Tests $if/$ifi/$ife statements'
IFSTAT6    'quick syntax test for all $if/$ifi/$ife statements'
IFSTAT7    'tests for $IF declared and defined'
IFTHEN1    'Test $ifthen and $endif'
IFTHEN2    'Test nested $ifthen and $endif'
IFTHEN3    'Test $ifthen $elseif/else $endif'
IFTHEN4    'Tests $ifthen from old release notes'
IFTHEN5    '$ifthen false without sameline'
IFTHEN6    '$ifthen/elseif false without sameline'
IMPLASSIGN01 'Test implicitAssign'
IMPLSET1   'Test for Implicit Set Definition'
IMPLSET2   'Test for Implicit Set Definition with default records'
INDIC01    'Test of =g= indicator constraints'
INDIC02    'Test of =e= indicator constraints'
INDIC03    'Test of =e= indicator constraints'
INDIC04    'Test of indicator constraints with explicit labels'
INTERRUPT  'Check Ctrl-C/Interrupt handling of Embedded Code, MIP solver, and GAMS'
INTERVAL   'Test for interval evaluation'
INVERT01   'Test invert utility'
INVERT02   'Test invert utility on rank-deficient inputs'
KESTREL1   'Kestrel test for lp solvers'
KESTREL2   'Kestrel test for mcp solvers'
KESTREL3   'Kestrel test for nlp solvers'
KESTREL4   'Kestrel test for minlp solvers'
KNITRO01   'KNITRO test suite - basic option reading test'
KNITRO02   'KNITRO test suite - model setup issue'
KNITRO03   'KNITRO test suite - model setup issue'
LAGD1      'Lag and Lead operations on Dynamic Sets'
LAGS1      'Tests simple lag and lead operations'
LAZY01     'Test lazy constraints'
LDIDX01    '$loadIdx - checking basic operation'
LDIDX02    '$loadIdx - checking restrictions'
LDIDX03    '$loadIdx - checking restrictions'
LDIDX04    '$loadIdx - checking restrictions'
LDIDX05    '$loadIdx - checking restrictions'
LIBDEPEND  'check location and version of library dependencies'
LIMDOM01   'Test limited domains for variables in model'
LIMDOM02   'Test performance of limited domains for variables in model'
LIMDOM03   'Test the syntax of the model statement for limited domains for variables'
LIMDOM04   'Advanced test for limited domains for variables in model'
LINDGL01   'LINDOGLOBAL test suite - lindoglobal as subsolver'
LINDGL02   'Check that Lindo(Global) works with SOS variables'
LINDGL03   'Check that Lindo(Global) Option NLP_QUADCHK works'
LINDGL04   'Test non-convex quadartic program with Lindo(Global)'
LINDGL05   'Test new functions added to GAMS/Lindo(Global)'
LINDORNG   'Test for LindoGlobals CheckRange Option'
LINDORG2   'Test for LindoGlobals CheckRange Option'
LOAD1      '$load under $onmulti works like data statements'
LOAD2      'test filtered $load'
LOAD3      'Test exec time loading with missing filter'
LOAD4      'Tests various file opening options for GDX files'
LOAD5      'Tests UNDF with $load'
LOAD6      'Tests dynamic error messages during $loaddc'
LOAD7      'Tests execute_loaddc'
LOAD8      'Domain projection load tests'
LOAD9      'Domain projection load tests'
LOAD10     'Domain projection load tests'
LOAD11     'Load UEL Table'
LOAD12     'Tests filtered load'
LOAD13     'Test $gdxLoad'
LOAD14     'Test loading of GDX file with bad UELs'
LOAD15     'Test consistent compile time error checking when loading symbols'
LOAD16	   'Test implicit dimension setting when loading a symbol'
LOAD17	   'Test $declareAndLoad and $gdxLoadAll'
LOAD18	   'Test gdxLoad'
LOCAL01    'Test .local in different context $on/offlocal'
LOLP       'LP Test for logoption'
LOMCP      'MCP Test for logoption'
LONLP      'NLP Test for logoption'
LOOP1      'Empty loops with and without control  GT00532'
LOOP2      'Resorting inside a loop with a constant in the search record'
LOOP3      'Check GDX output of loop2 (resorting search records in a loop)'
LOOP4      'complex search structures- tremove2 problem'
LOOP5      'complex search structures- tremove2 problem'
LOOP6      'sys11 testcase'
LOOP7      'Test assignment using a map'
LOOP8      'Test optimization of a control set with a single element'
LOOP9      'Test use of set with a single element in a loop'
LOOP10     'Test relaxed punctuation for control structures'
LP01       'Simple test on one equation'
LP02       'Simple level and sign test'
LP03       'Many free variables and restart'
LP04       'Tests basic modelstat codes'
LP05       'Test iteration interrupt for optimal and infeasible models'
LP06       'Test iteration interrupts and optimal restarts'
LP07       'Test restarts with reslim'
LP08       'Test the proper return of free equations'
LP09       'Many free variables and restart'
LP10       'Poorly-scaled model - small matrix entry implies large x'
LP11       'Simple test on one =n= equation'
LP12       'Test solution quality with solvelink=3/6'
LP13       'checks +/- INF on =L=, =G=, and =N= equations'
LP14       'Simple test on one equation AFTER reformulation'
LP15       'LP with many zeros at solution'
LSALIB01   'Test extrinsic functions in lsadclib'
MACRO01    'several macro tests'
MACRO02    'multi-line macro test'
MAP1       'simple mapped assignment'
MATCH01    'Test matching operator: compile and execution time'
MATH1      'Demonstrate an inaccurate calculation'
MAXIMA     'Test several maxima of Cmex'
MCP01      'Illustrate rules for matching =E= equations in MCP'
MCP02      'Illustrate rules for matching =G= equations in MCP'
MCP03      'Illustrate rules for matching =L= equations in MCP'
MCP04      'Illustrate rules for matching =N= equations in MCP'
MCP05      'Test simple 2x2 MCP model where preprocessing solves it'
MCP06      'Test level/marginal correctness and conventions for MCP'
MCP07      'Test level/marginal correctness and conventions for MCP'
MCP08      'Test MCP that turfs up PATH proprocessing error'
MCP09      'Test inequalities with infinite bounds'
MCP10      'MCP model with negative equ.var'
MCP11      'Test marginals for a scaled MCP problem'
MDB2GMS1   'Test database access with MDB2GMS'
MEMMON1    'Test procTreeMemMonitor=1 behavior'
MERR1      'Matrix Errors'
MILES01    'MILES test suite - basic option reading test'
MINOS01    'MINOS test suite - anti-cycling via expand frequency'
MIP01      'Test for known XPRESS bug'
MIP02      'Check on MIP solution value'
MIP03      'Test for zero gap when optcr and optca set to zero'
MIP04      'Exercise new XPRESS return code for unbounded MIP'
MIP05      'Maximum queens chess problem'
MIP06      'Cuts and solution enumeration'
MIQCP01    'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of MIQCP'
MIQCP02    'Test of correctness of solvestat'
MIQCP03    'Test modsolstat and solution correctness - multiple QCons and binaries'
MIQCP04    'Test behavior for integer infeasible model'
MIPSTOPEXPR1 'mip stop expression test'
MOD011     'MIP model used by CTRLC test'
MODEL2TEX1 'Test that model2tex produces a tex file'
MPEC01     'MPEC model to test all types of matches, using =N='
MPEC02     'Run through equreform options for NLPEC solver'
MPEC03     'MPEC model to test all types of matches, using =ELG='
MPEC04     'MPEC model testing free rows'
MPEC05     'simple MPEC unique solution lower bounded matches'
MPEC06     'simple MPEC unique solution upper bounded matches'
MPEC07     'simple MPEC unique solution doubly-bounded matches'
MPEC08     'simple MPEC unique solution LB matches integer var'
MPS2GMS1   'Test mps2gms'
MPS2GMS2   'Test mps2gms more'
MPSGE01    'Illustrate correct naming in MPSGE - new rules'
MPSGE02    'Illustrate correct naming in MPSGE - old rules'
MPSGE03    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a space'
MPSGE04    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a !'
MPSGE05    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a "'
MPSGE06    "MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a '"
MPSGE07    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a .'
MPSGE08    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot contain a :'
MPSGE09    'MPSGE naming test: labels cannot be empty'
MPSGE10    'MPSGE scaleopt test - m.scaleopt must be 0'
MPSGE11    'MPSGE test -  multiple fixed income levels'
MPSGE12    'MPSGE test - inter-mixed MPSGE and MCP rows in model'
MPSGE13    'MPSGE test - model returns invalid income level'
MPSGE14    'MPSGE sync test: .GEN/integer1/nsolves'
MPSWRIT1   'MPSWRITE test suite - basic option reading test'
MRW01      'Test MessageReceiverWindow.exe'
MRW02      'Test MessageReceiverWindow.exe from Python'
MTXLIB     'Test basics of the mutex library'
N3707      'MIP model used by CTRLC test'
NEST1      'nested If - loop - solve test with alias'
NEST2      'nested if loop solve test with map'
NESTBLOCK01 'Test the use of nested blocks'
NLCODE1    'test for NL code generation error GT00470'
NLCODE2    'Test limits on nonlinear code length per block'
NLCODE3    'Wrong NL code generation for odd case'
NLCODE4    'more NL testing when code is deleted'
NLCODE5    'Test for NL code bug from Dist 23.6'
NLCODE6    'Test for NL code bug from Dist 23.6'
NLCODE7    'Test for NL code bug from Dist 24.0.1'
NLPEC01    'NLPEC test suite - options test'
NLPEC02    'NLPEC test suite - loop over DNLP solvers'
NLPEC03    'NLPEC test suite - loop over option combos'
NLPLP02    'Simple level and sign test'
NLP01      'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of NLP'
NLPQCP01   'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of NLP'
NLPQCP02   'Test modsolstat and solution correctness - multiple QCons'
NONNEG     'Check that NonNegative do same as Positive Variables'
NUCLEAR49B 'MINLP model used by CTRLC test'
OBFUSC01   'Test use if obfuscated workfile'
OFFINC01   'Test dollar control option $offInclude'
ONELAB1    'One element dynamic control inside IF'
ONELAB2    'One element dynamic extracted from TSP'
ONMULTI1   'With onmulti we can expand the domain'
ONMULTI2   'Onmulti operates like a replace'
ONMULTI3   'Onmulti may violate the ordered property'
ONMULTI4   'The onmulti merge may destroy the ordered property'
ONMULTI5   'Test set table and onmulti with deletes'
ONMULTI6   'Test merge with $onmulti and $gdxin'
ONMULTI7   'Test merge with $onmulti and empty data statement'
ONMULTI8   'Test for $onMultiR'
OUTPUT01   'Test Output related Command Line Parameters'
PATH01     'PATH test suite - basic option reading test'
PATHNLP1   'PATHNLP test suite - basic option reading test'
PATHNLP2   'PATHNLP test suite - basic option reading test'
PERM1      'Test for various permutations'
PF4MIP     'Test upper bound of +INF on integer variables (MIP)'
PF4MINLP   'Test upper bound of +INF on integer variables (MINLP)'
PGAMS01    'Test procdir deletion in pgams'
PGAMS02    'Test procdir deletion in pgams'
PHANTOM1   'Phantoms can only have default values'
PHANTOM2   'Phantoms can only have default values - ondelim'
PIPE1      'piped assignment - permutation for two dimensions'
PIPE2      'piped assignment - permutation for two dimensions'
PIPE3      'piped projections'
PIPE4      'piped sort'
PIPE5      'piped projection and counts to 1,2,3 dimensions'
PIPE6      'piped projection and counts to 1,2,3 dimensions and sorts'
PIPE7      'Test the elemcount on two dim sets'
PIPE8      'Test that projecting to self works OK'
PIPE9      'Test for projecting'
PIPE10     'Test for projecting scalars'
PLATFORM01 'Test platform function'
POINT1     'execute_loadpoint is a merge operation'
POINT2     'execute_load is a replacement operation'
POPDYNMMCP25   'MCP model used by CTRLC test'
POPDYNMMCP250  'MCP model used by CTRLC test'
POPDYNMMCP1000 'MCP model used by CTRLC test'
POWER1     'compare real and integer power for normal values'
POWER2     'test integer powers from -299 to +299'
POWERCONE1 'test conic problem using power cone'
POWERCONE2 'test conic problem using higher-dimensional power cone'
EXPCONE1   'test conic problem using exponential cone'
PREVWORK1  'PreviousWork Test'
PRIVAT01   'Test private workfile behavior'
PROCDIR1   'Test correct behavior of procDir, scrDir and procDirPath'
PUT1       'aliased set and .te'
PUT2       '.nr=2 writes scientific notation'
PUT3       '.nr=2 writes scientific - test for errors'
PUT4       'uses system.f? and compares with full file name'
PUT5       'Test put fallback when writing directory'
PUT6       'Test put utility rename feature'
PUT7       'Test bad $on/offput in if statement'
PUT8       'Test put utility exec feature'
PUT9       'Test empty line at the end of rename'
PUT10      '$on/offput inserted outside the loop'
PUT11      'Put_Utility without file handle'
PUT12      'Testing put_utility solver'
PWPLIB01   'Test piecewise polynomials in pwpcclib'
QCP01      'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of QCP'
QCP02      'Test modsolstat and solution correctness - multiple QCons'
QCP03      'Test case for cancellation in quadratic terms'
QCP04      'Test modsolstat and solution correctness - multiple QCons'
QCP05      'Test case for poly function'
QCP06      'Nonlinear model cannot be solved as QCP'
QCP07      'Test correctness for QCP with poly function'
QCP08      'Test correctness for QCP with power(*,2) function'
QCP09      'Simplest test for QCP correctness'
QCP10      'Test for QCP correctness'
QCP11      'Test dual solution of SOCP'
QCP12      'Test different GMO Q extraction algorithms'
QUALITY    'Driver for quality tests of all sorts'
REFACT00   'Check that GAMS produces expected workfile with option sys14=1'
REFACT01   'Refactor suite test 1'
REFACT02   'Refactor suite test 2'
REFACT03   'Refactor suite test 3'
REFACT04   'Refactor suite test 4'
REFACT05   'Refactor suite test 5'
REST2      'Test restart from new (Rev 142 and later) workfiles'
RESTART2   'Test restart from new (Rev 142 and later) workfiles'
RS01       'Solving a Transportation Problem using Cplex and Gurobi remote server'
RS02       'Solving Three-dimensional Noughts and Crosses using Cplex and Gurobi distributed MIP'
SAMEAS1    'tests different sameas uses'
SAVE2      'Test restart from new (Rev 142 and later) workfiles'
SAVE3      'Test DCO save'
SAVEP1     'execute_loadpoint: save point - clear - loadpoint - reoptimize'
SAVEP2     'Test savepoint with async solves'
SBB01      'SBB test suite - basic option reading test'
SBB02      'SBB test suite - SOS2 test'
SCALE01    'Test results of scaled model'
SCALE02    'Test that an MCP with scales is rejected when appropriate'
SCEN01     'Compile time test for the scenario facility'
SCEN02     'Execution time test for the scenario facility'
SCEN03     'Multi-dimensional scenario solver test'
SCENEMPTY  'Empty scenario GUSS Test'
SCENSOL1   'Basic Scenario Solver Test'
SCENSOL2   'Test handling of unsorted scenario UELs in GUSS'
SCENSOL3   'NoMatchLimit GUSS Test'
SCENSOL4   'Basic GUSS Test'
SCENSOL5   'Test handling of scenario dictionary sets with more than 50 entries'
SCENSOL6   'Test execute_loadhandle for GUSS/GRID'
SCENSOL7   'Test GUSS Option ReportLastScen'
SCENSOL8   'Check if solver with modify problem use hotstart in GUSS'
SCENSOL9   'Test option savepoint in GUSS'
SCNRED01   'Basic Scenred2 test - tree construction'
SCNRED02   'Scenred2 test - tree reduction and zero values'
SDP01      'Test of correct solving a simple conic program'
SEMICON1   'Simple test of SEMICONT variables'
SEMIINT1   'Simple test of SEMIINT variables'
SENS01     'sensitivity / ranging test'
SET1       'test basic $set scopting'
SET2       'more on $set scoping'
SET3       '$set and $drop scoping'
SET4       'set $set with includes'
SET5       'split file name'
SET6       'split a gams name into components'
SET7       'split the file name and recombine'
SET8       'Test the set.id and related data macros'
SET9       'fast shifting of set elements'
SET10      'first entry in set/param data has wrong dimension'
SET11      'test for order when using set.id and related macros'
SHOW01     'Test $show feature'
SHUFFLE1   'Test for option shuffle'
SINGLE01   'Check handling of singleton sets'
SINGLE02   'Check assignment to singleton sets'
SINGLE03   'Check singleton sets in put statement'
SINGLE04   'Check handling of singleton sets assigned and referenced in a loop'
SINGLE05   'Check correctness of set attributes for singleton sets'
SL4CNS01   'Test 1-variable CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS02   'Test 2-variable CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS03   'Test holdfixed and singular models, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS04   'Test globally unique CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS05   'Test globally unique CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS06   'Test globally unique CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS07   'Test globally unique CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS08   'Test singular nonsquare CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS09   'Test solvable singular CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS10   'Test solvable singular CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS11   'Test solvable CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS12   'Test unsolvable CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4CNS13   'Test solvable CNS model, with solvelink=4'
SL4LP01    'Simple test on one equation, with solvelink=4'
SL4LP02    'Simple level and sign test, with solvelink=4'
SL4LP03    'Many free variables and restart, with solvelink=4'
SL4LP10    'Poorly-scaled model, with solvelink=4'
SL4LP11    'Simple test on one =n= equation, with solvelink=4'
SL4MCP01   'Test matching =E= equations in MCP, with solvelink=4'
SL4MCP02   'Test matching =G= equations in MCP, with solvelink=4'
SL4MCP03   'Test matching =L= equations in MCP, with solvelink=4'
SL4MCP04   'Test matching =N= equations in MCP, with solvelink=4'
SL4MCP06   'Test correctness/conventions for MCP, with solvelink=4'
SL4MIP01   'Test for known XPRESS bug, with solvelink=4'
SL4QCP01   'Test of correctness for levels and marginals of QCP, with solvelink=1,2,4,5'
SL4QCP02   'Test modsolstat and solution correctness - multiple QCons, with solvelink=1,2,4,5'
SL4QCP03   'Test case for cancellation in quadratic terms, with solvelink=1,2,4,5'
SL4SCON1   'Simple test of SEMICONT variables, with solvelink=4'
SL4SOS1A   'Test of SOS1 variables with active upper bounds, with solvelink=4'
SL601      'Check correct behavior when using solveLink=6'
SLX01      'run tests for different solvelink values'
SOLVEOPT01 'Test solveopt option and command line parameter'
SORT1      'Test optimization with lags'
SOS1A      'Test of SOS1 variables with active upper bounds'
SOS2A      'Test of SOS2 variables'
SOSMINLP01 'SOS1 and SOS2 behavior - MINLP'
SOSMIP01   'SOS1 and SOS2 behavior - MIP'
SOSMIQCP01 'SOS1 and SOS2 behavior - MIQCP'
SSUFFIX    'List of all System Suffixes'
STOLIB01   'Test extrinsic functions in stodclib'
STUDIO01   'Test Studio Startup'
SQL2GMS1   'Test database access with SQL2GMS'
SUFFIX01   'Test suffix options on controlling sets'
SUFFIX02   'Test CLP suffixAlgebraVars'
SYMXREF1   'Test cross-reference generation problem'
SYSCHK1    'Test impact of sys11 setting'
SYSCHK2    'Test impact of sys10 setting'
SYSENV01   'Tests for path and system environment strings'
SYSENV02   'Tests for setenv and dropenv'
TABSUBST   'tab and string subsitution for long line'
TESTEXEQ   'Test external equations'
TESTER     'handy way to test at compile time'
TESTHTM    'Generates HTM testlib library files'
TESTINST   'test the Matlab mex-file gams'
TESTUTIL   'Generates some useful files from the Test Model Library'
TITLE1     'My Title'
TRACEUC    'Test if we can get the user and computer name in a trace file'
TRAMP01    'TRAMP test suite - basic option reading test'
TRILIB01   'Test extrinsic functions in tricclib'
TRILIB02   'Test extrinsic functions in tridclib'
TRILIB03   'Test extrinsic functions in trifclib'
TRILIB04   'Demonstrates problems with a stateful function library'
TRYLIN01   'Test model attribute TryLinear'
ULDIDX01   'unloadIdx - basic operation'
ULDIDX02   'unloadIdx - checking execution restrictions'
ULDIDX03   'unloadIdx - checking compilation restrictions'
UNARY1     'tests mapval function'
UNARY2     'simple test on unary operations with "crazy" values'
UNDF1      '$onundf/offundf changes the scanner'
UNIV1      'No assignment to universe'
UNLOAD1    'multiple unloads of the same item are OK'
UNLOAD2    'cannot unload different items to same gdx name'
UNLOAD3    'ignore gdx suffix'
UNLOAD4    'commas are optional'
UNLOAD5    'multiple $unloads of the same item are OK'
UNLOAD6    'cannot $unload different items to same gdx name'
UNLOAD7    'ignore gdx suffix'
UNLOAD8    '$unload lines are treated as one for errors'
UNLOAD9    'Test export of defaults for uninitialized scalars'
UNLOAD10   'Test unload options new with GAMS 24.2'
UNLOAD11   'Check that GAMS does not crash when writing to non-existing folder'
UNLOAD12   'Make sure that sameAs and diag cannot be exported to GDX'
UNLOAD13   'Unload with relaxed and full domain'
UNLOAD14   'Check that unload happens at GDX file closing time'
UNLOAD15   'Test $gdxUnload'
UTILS01    'test mps2gms - run it and solve the resulting model'
UTILS02    'test MPS2GMS - it had range problems'
UTILS03    'test MPS2GMS for reading the second range entry on a line'
VARDAT01   'test scalar var/equ data statements'
VARDAT02   'test indexed var/equ data statements'
VARDAT03   'test var/equ data statements with $onempty'
VARDAT04   'test indexed var/equ data statements with $onmulti'
VARDAT05   'test table var/equ data statements with $onmulti'
VEDA1      'tests that we can execute gdx2veda'
WARNING1   'set limit on compilation warnings with WARNING=n'
WARNING2   'compilation warnings are ignored'
XERR1      'External Equation Errors: RHS wrong'
XERR2      'External Equation Errors: Aij wrong'
XPRESS01   'XPRESS test suite - basic option reading test'
XPRESS02   'XPRESS test suite - check levels and marginals'
XPRESS03   'XPRESS test suite - solution pool example'
XPRESS04   'XPRESS test suite - solution enumerator example'
XPRESS05   'XPRESS test suite - solution enumerator example'
XPRESS06   'XPRESS test suite - solution enumerator example with solnPoolMerge'
XPRESS07   'XPRESS test suite - solution enumerator example'
ZERORIPPLE 'Zero Ripple Test'
ZEROTOEPS1 'Test data loading with $onEps and option zeroToEps'

    letters(m) / a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z /

set inc 'list of include files, .inc extension assumed' /
  'testmod'     TESTLIB Model Library
  'exchange'    'simple exchange model in MPSGE format, with post-tests'
  'mcp0x'       'simple MCP model with tests for correct returns'
  'fnset_x'     'intrinsics tests for f(x)'
  'fnset_xy'    'intrinsics tests for f(x,y)'
  'fnset_xyz'   'intrinsics tests for f(x,y,z)'
  'fntest_x'    'intrinsics tests for f(x)'
  'fntest_xy'   'intrinsics tests for f(x,y)'
  'fntest_xyz'  'intrinsics tests for f(x,y,z)'
  'badpt'       'models with bad initial points'
  'compilec'    'compile extrinsic function C library'
  'compiled'    'compile extrinsic function Delphi library'
  'compilef'    'compile extrinsic function Fortran library'
  'precomp'     'include precompiled extrinsic function libraries'
  'sosweird'    'weird SOS test cases'

set minc(m) 'list of model files $included' /
 'gen_r1', 'gen_r2'
 'genw2', 'genw3', 'genw4'
 'genr2', 'genr3', 'genr4', 'genr5'

set oinc 'list of other files needed and/or $included' /
 'ex1xc_cb.c', 'ex1xf.f90'
 'ex2c_cb.c', 'ex2d_cb.dpr', 'ex2f_cb.f90'
 'ex3c_cb.c', 'ex3d.dpr', 'ex3f_cb.f90'
 'ex4c_cb.c', 'ex4d.dpr', 'ex4f_cb.f90', 'deasolu.gdx'
 'ex4xc_cb.c', 'ex4xf_cb.f90'
 'ex5c.c', 'ex5f.f90'
 'er1c_cb.c', 'er1f_cb.f90'
 'er2c_cb.c', 'er2f_cb.f90'
 'er3c_cb.c', 'er3f_cb.f90'
 'exmcp1c.c', 'exmcp1f.f90'
 'exmcp2c.c', 'exmcp2c_cb.c', 'exmcp2f.f90', 'exmcp2f_cb.f90'
 'exmcp3c_cb.c', 'exmcp3f_cb.f90'
 'exmcp4c_cb.c', 'exmcp4f_cb.f90'
 'jac10_.gdx', 'jac11_.gdx', 'jac12_.gdx'

set linc 'list of library files needed (these are not in src/testlib_ml)' /
set ainc(*) 'all include files';
* ainc(u) = inc(u) or minc(u);
ainc(u) = inc(u) or sum{minc,sameas(minc,u)} or sum{oinc,sameas(oinc,u)} or sum{linc,sameas(linc,u)};
*display ainc;

$stitle Model Assignments
set sm(s,m) model sequence number assignment /
  1.testutil,  11.clear3  ,  21.load1   ,  31.point2  ,  41.set4
  2.quality ,  12.clear4  ,  22.loop1   ,  32.power1  ,  42.set5
  3.assign1 ,  13.clear5  ,  23.onmulti1,  33.power2  ,  43.set6
  4.binary1 ,  14.clear6  ,  24.onmulti2,  34.put1    ,  44.set7
  5.binary2 ,  15.clear7  ,  25.onmulti3,  35.put2    ,  45.tester
  6.call1   ,  16.dattim1 ,  26.onmulti4,  36.put3    ,  46.title1
  7.call2   ,  17.dattim2 ,  27.onmulti5,  37.put4    ,  47.unary1
  8.call3   ,  18.funcs1  ,  28.phantom1,  38.set1    ,  48.unary2
  9.clear1  ,  19.gdx1    ,  29.phantom2,  39.set2    ,  49.undf1
 10.clear2  ,  20.ifnot1  ,  30.point1  ,  40.set3    ,  50.unload1

 51.unload2 ,  61.gbin1   ,  71.lp06    ,  81.mpsge04 ,  91.cns01
 52.unload3 ,  62.nest1   ,  72.lp07    ,  82.mpsge05 ,  92.cns02
 53.unload4 ,  63.nest2   ,  73.lp08    ,  83.mpsge06 ,  93.cns03
 54.unload5 ,  64.nlcode1 ,  74.qcp01   ,  84.mpsge07 ,  94.cns04
 55.unload6 ,  65.savep1  ,  75.qcp02   ,  85.mpsge08 ,  95.cns05
 56.unload7 ,  66.lp01    ,  76.nlpqcp01,  86.qcp03   ,  96.cns06
 57.unload8 ,  67.lp02    ,  77.nlpqcp02,  87.qcp04   ,  97.cns07
 58.warning1,  68.lp03    ,  78.mpsge01 ,  88.lp09    ,  98.cns08
 59.warning2,  69.lp04    ,  79.mpsge02 ,  89.gdx2    ,  99.cns09
 60.empty1  ,  70.lp05    ,  80.mpsge03 ,                100.cns10

101.cns11   , 111.pipe1   , 121.dattim5 , 131.nlplp02 , 141.gdxrank1
102.cns12   , 112.pipe2   , 122.dattim6
103.cns13   , 113.pipe3   , 123.eps1    , 133.sameas1
104.mpec01  , 114.pipe4   , 124.funcs2  , 134.loop2
105.mpec02  , 115.pipe5   , 125.delim1  , 135.loop3   , 145.nlpec01
106.sos1a   , 116.pipe6   , 126.decla1  , 136.mpec03  , 146.embed1
107.mpsge09 , 117.gdx3    , 127.mcp01   , 137.loop4   , 147.embed2
108.mpsge10 , 118.lp10    , 128.mcp02   , 138.funcs3  , 148.funcs4
109.semicon1, 119.dattim3 , 129.mcp03   , 139.loop5   , 149.funcs5
110.nlcode2 , 120.dattim4 , 130.mcp04   , 140.ifstat1 , 150.fnsqr

151.fnexp   , 161.fnsinh  , 171.onelab2 , 181.fnvcpow , 191.fnentro2
152.fnlog   , 162.fncosh  , 172.gdxxrw1 , 182.fnvcpow2, 192.fnsigmo
153.fnlog2  , 163.fntanh  , 173.gdxxrw2 , 183.fngamma , 193.fnsigmo2
154.fnlog10 , 164.fnfact  , 174.gdxxrw3 , 184.fngamma2, 194.fnrpow
155.fnsqrt  , 165.fnncpf2 , 175.gdxxrw4 , 185.fnatan  , 195.fnrpow2
156.fncos   , 166.lags1   , 176.univ1   , 186.fnerrf  , 196.fnrpow3
157.fnsin   , 167.sort1   , 177.ddlist1 , 187.fnerrf2 , 197.fnedist
158.fnpower , 168.onelab1 , 178.badpt1  , 188.fnncpcm , 198.fnedist2
159.fnpi    , 169.loop6   , 179.badpt2  , 189.fnncpcm2, 199.fnedist3
160.fnncpf  , 170.map1    , 180.badpt3  , 190.fnentro , 200.fncvpow

201.fncvpow2,               221.load2   , 231.ifstat3 , 241.genr3
202.fncvpow3, 212.convert2, 222.decla2  , 232.pipe10  , 242.genr4
203.badpt4  , 213.loop8   , 223.pipe7   , 233.fnncpvus, 243.genr5
204.badpt5  , 214.dump01  ,               234.fnncpvup, 244.genw2
205.symxref1, 215.mip01   , 225.loop9   , 235.fnncpvux, 245.genw3
206.echo1   , 216.save2   , 226.pipe8   , 236.gdxdiff1, 246.genw4
207.syschk1 , 217.rest2   , 227.pipe9   , 237.embed3  , 247.gdxmrw01
208.unload9 , 218.restart2, 228.math1   , 238.handle01, 248.gdxmrw02
209.loop7   , 219.sysenv01, 229.put5    , 239.ifstat4 , 249.load3
210.ifstat2 , 220.sysenv02, 230.delim2  , 240.genr2   , 250.compile1

251.lp11    , 261.pathnlp1, 271.fnacosx , 281.tramp01 , 291.sl4lp03
252.lp12    , 262.pathnlp2, 272.fnasin  , 282.gdxcomp1, 292.sl4lp10
253.sl4lp01 , 263.cplex01 , 273.fnasinx , 283.knitro01, 293.sl4lp11
254.sl4lp02 ,               274.fnatan2 , 284.examin01, 294.sl4sos1a
255.mcp05   , 265.baron01 , 275.fnatan2n,               295.sl4scon1
256.utils01 , 266.convert3, 276.fnatan2x,               296.sl4mcp01
257.gamsbas1, 267.sbb01   ,               287.xpress01, 297.sl4mcp02
258.gamschk1,               278.miles01 , 288.xpress02, 298.sl4mcp03
259.mpswrit1, 269.fntan   , 279.sbb02   , 289.compile2, 299.sl4mcp04
260.path01  , 270.fnacos  , 280.conopt01, 290.gdxcopy1, 300.sl4cns01

301.sl4cns02, 311.sl4cns12, 321.compile3, 331.ifstat7 , 341.sl4mcp06
302.sl4cns03, 312.sl4cns13, 322.gdx4    , 332.convert4, 342.mdb2gms1
303.sl4cns04, 313.put6    , 323.put8    , 333.convert5, 343.sql2gms1
304.sl4cns05, 314.put7    , 324.compile4, 334.edcrypt1, 344.nlpec02
305.sl4cns06, 315.baron02 , 325.ifstat5 , 335.handle02, 345.sos2a
306.sl4cns07, 316.testhtm , 326.ifstat6 , 336.compile6, 346.semiint1
307.sl4cns08, 317.fncentr , 327.compile5, 337.binary3 , 347.delim3
308.sl4cns09, 318.fncentr2, 328.dict1   , 338.onmulti6, 348.data1
309.sl4cns10, 319.fncentr3, 329.lp13    , 339.lindgl01, 349.gdx5
310.sl4cns11, 320.fncentrx, 330.veda1   , 340.mcp06   , 350.gdxcopy2

351.baron03 , 361.fncentr5, 371.match01 , 381.emplp03 , 391.invert01
352.call4   , 362.fncentr6, 372.vardat01, 382.emplp10 , 392.invert02
              363.gdxmerg1, 373.vardat02, 383.emplp11 , 393.gdxconv1
354.gdxcopy3, 364.ifthen1 , 374.decis02 , 384.emplp12
355.har1    , 365.decis01 , 375.decis03 , 385.emplp13
356.cplex02 , 366.condtwin, 376.vardat03, 386.emp01   , 396.gdx6
357.nonneg  , 367.examin02, 377.vardat04, 387.emp02
358.cplex03 , 368.blank   , 378.vardat05, 388.emp03
359.fncentry, 369.put9    , 379.emplp01 , 389.mcp07   , 399.gdxcopy4
360.fncentr4, 370.delim4  , 380.emplp02 , 390.qcp05   , 400.convert6

401.mcp08   , 411.choles01, 421.empbp02 , 431.emp04   , 441.empadj01
402.assign2 , 412.choles02, 422.empbp03 , 432.privat01, 442.emp05
403.macro01 , 413.eigvec02, 423.empvi01 , 433.minos01 , 443.examin03
404.gdx7    , 414.load4   , 424.empvi02 , 434.scnred02, 444.compile8
405.gdx8    , 415.nlp01   , 425.empvi03 , 435.empvi05 , 445.sl4mip01
406.gdxmerg2, 416.suffix01, 426.empvi04 , 436.nlcode3 , 446.macro02
407.scensol1, 417.card01  , 427.empecs01, 437.set8    , 447.put10
408.scnred01, 418.lp14    , 428.empecs02, 438.nlcode4 , 448.set9
409.eigval01, 419.convert7, 429.empdisj1, 439.compile7, 449.set10
410.eigvec01, 420.empbp01 , 430.local01 , 440.mcp09   , 450.set11

451.gdxcopy5, 461.lomcp   , 471.emp08   , 481.mpsge11 , 491.onmulti7
452.ifthen2 , 462.eval03  , 472.pgams01 , 482.trylin01, 492.emp09
453.ifthen3 , 463.eval04  , 473.pgams02 , 483.gen_r1  , 493.xerr1
454.ifthen4 , 464.examin04, 474.tabsubst, 484.gen_r2  , 494.xerr2
455.eval01  , 465.empbp04 , 475.eval07  , 485.gen_rbig, 495.cerr1
456.eval02  , 466.empbp05 , 476.dumpsol , 486.gdxmrw03, 496.merr1
457.forceerr, 467.eval05  , 477.ifthen5 , 487.gdxmrw04, 497.mip02
458.gdxxrw5 , 468.eval06  , 478.ifthen6 , 488.testinst, 498.mip03
459.lolp    , 469.emp06   , 479.utils02 , 489.gversion, 499.emp10
460.lonlp   , 470.emp07   , 480.utils03 , 490.gdxmrw05, 500.emp11

501.empdisj2, 511.qcp07   , 521.trilib01, 531.fnspown , 541.indic01
502.gdxxrw6 , 512.qcp08   , 522.trilib02, 532.nlcode5 , 542.indic02
503.qcp06   , 513.empdisj4, 523.trilib03, 533.scensol2, 543.kestrel1
504.gdxdump1, 514.funcback, 524.lindorg2, 534.nlcode6 , 544.kestrel2
505.lindorng, 515.asynexec, 525.mip04   , 535.scensol3, 545.kestrel3
506.interval, 516.scen01  , 526.load5   , 536.gzip01  , 546.kestrel4
507.empdisj3, 517.empdisj5, 527.pwplib01, 537.sl4qcp01, 547.indic03
508.emplog1 , 518.scen02  , 528.fitlib01, 538.sl4qcp02, 548.xpress03
509.maxima  , 519.scen03  , 529.load6   , 539.sl4qcp03, 549.mip05
510.emplog2 , 520.stolib01, 530.fnspowx , 540.miqcp01 , 550.xpress04

551.circlen , 561.miqcp02,  571.er2,      581.empdisj6, 591.enpro56
552.trilib04, 562.testexeq, 572.er3,      582.gdx9,     592.popdynmmcp25
553.mip06,    563.ex1,      573.exmcp1,   583.empdisj7, 593.popdynmmcp250
554.xpress05, 564.ex1x,     574.exmcp2,   584.traceuc,  594.popdynmmcp1000
555.qcp09,    565.ex2,      575.exmcp3,   585.asynntrp, 595.gft
556.perm1,    566.ex3,      576.exmcp4,   586.nlcode7,  596.pf4mip
557.ctrlc,    567.ex4,      577.exmcp5,   587.n3707,    597.pf4minlp
558.mpsge12,  568.ex4x,     578.complink, 588.mod011,   598.emp12
559.gdxcomp2, 569.ex5,      579.lindgl02, 589.fuzzy,    599.emp13
560.lagd1,    570.er1,      580.qcp10,    590.nuclear49b, 600.emp14

601.emp15,    611.rs01,     621.card02,   631.load8,    641.single02
602.emp16,    612.xpress06, 622.uldidx01, 632.load9,    642.scensol4
603.miqcp03,  613.load7,    623.uldidx02, 633.lindgl03, 643.gdxmrw06
604.mcp10,    614.unload10, 624.uldidx03, 634.dbg01,    644.single03
605.convert8, 615.mpec04,   625.ldidx01,  635.cpplib01, 645.unload11
606.gurobi01, 616.mpec05,   626.ldidx02,  636.cpplib02, 646.refact00
607.lp15,     617.mpec06,   627.ldidx03,  637.alias01,  647.refact01
608.convert9, 618.mpec07,   628.ldidx04,  638.load10,   648.scenempty
609.lsalib01, 619.mpec08,   629.ldidx05,  639.single01, 649.obfusc01
610.mrw01,    620.mpsge13,  630.sdp01,    640.execerr1, 650.load11

651.gussskip, 661.idxoper1, 671.lazy01,    681.doc01,   691.sl601
652.libdepend,662.gdxsqlite1,672.mps2gms1,              692.scale01
653.refact02, 663.indic04,  673.execmode01,683.buildwarnings,693.emp17
654.cpplib03, 664.refact03, 674.call6,     684.idxperm1,694.breakcont1
655.cpplib04, 665.refact04, 675.cmexrc01,  685.idxperm2,695.lindgl04
656.cpplib05, 666.refact05, 676.rs02,      686.idxperm3,696.mcp11
657.cpplib00,               677.single04,  687.single05,697.csv2gdx1
658.syschk2,  668.convert10,678.model2tex1,688.idxperm4,698.gdxxrw7
659.scensol5, 669.convert11,679.exmcp6,    689.mtxlib  ,699.scale02
660.call5,    670.convert12,680.scensol6,  690.shuffle1,700.emp18

701.emp19,    711.slx01    ,721.fnsllog10 ,731.breakcont2, 741.put11
702.emp20,    712.gurobi04 ,722.fnsllog102,732.fnlogbeta,  742.emp28
703.emp21,    713.mpsge14  ,723.fnsqlog10 ,733.fnbeta,     743.emp29
704.emp22,    714.fnsincosintrv,724.fnsqlog102,734.ssuffix,744.emp30
705.emp23,    715.procdir1 ,725.fnslrec   ,735.embpy01,    745.emp31
706.emp24,    716.empbp06  ,726.fnslrec2  ,736.embpy02,    746.csv2gdx2
707.emp25,    717.fnslexp  ,727.fnsqrec   ,737.scensol7,   747.csv2gdx3
708.emp26,    718.fnslexp2 ,728.fnsqrec2  ,738.emp27,      748.csv2gdx4
709.gurobi02, 719.fnsqexp  ,729.fnloggamma,739.embpy03,    749.emp32
710.gurobi03, 720.fnsqexp2 ,730.fnbinomial,740.qcp11,      750.csv2gdx5

751.csv2gdx6, 752.csv2gdx7 ,753.csv2gdx8  ,754.csv2gdx9,   755.csv2gdx10
776.put12    ,777.gdxxrw8  ,778.gdxxrw9   ,779.gdxxrw10,   780.gdxxrw11
781.gdxxrw12 ,782.gdxxrw13 ,783.gdxxrw14  ,784.gdxdump2,   785.gdxdump3
786.gdxdump4 ,787.onmulti8 ,788.implset1  ,789.emppy1,     790.emppy2
791.emppy3   ,792.miqcp04  ,793.duplic01  ,794.sosmiqcp01, 795.sosmip01
796.sosminlp01,797.embpy04 ,798.powercone1,799.powercone2, 800.expcone1

801.empty2,   802.xpress07 ,803.zeroripple,804.embpy05,    805.embpy06
806.load12,   807.idc01    ,808.gurobi05,  809.studio01,   810.gdxxrw15
811.card03,   812.limdom01 ,813.limdom02,  814.limdom03,   815.limdom04
816.fnncpf3,  817.fnncpvupow2,818.fnncpvusin2, 819.loop10, 820.dirs01
821.zerotoeps1, 822.idir01 ,823.mrw02,     824.memmon1,    825.examin05
826.gams2numpy01, 827.gams2numpy02, 828.lindgl05, 829.cplex04, 830.cplex05
831.cplex06,  832.cplex07,  833.sens01,    834.mipstopexpr1, 835.attrib01
836.gamsjupyter01, 837.cmi01, 838.show01,  839.dmpsym01,   840.ide01
841.cplex08,  842.convert13,843.convert14, 844.convert15,  845.unload12
846.unload13, 847.unload14, 848.dumpopt1,  849.gdxmerg3,   850.unload15
851.load13,   852.conopt02, 853.implset2,  854.prevwork1,  855.decla3
856.delim5,   857.load14,   858.eval08,    859.embpy07,    860.embpy08
861.platform01, 862.qcp12,  863.asyncfix01,864.savep2,     865.convert16
866.embpy09,  867.scensol8, 868.gdxrename1,869.gdxrename2, 870.scensol9
871.embpy10,  872.etsuf01,  873.emp33,     874.asyncfix02, 875.genfile01
876.offinc01, 877.embpy11,  878.dco01,     879.epstozero1, 880.fnlogit
881.empsp01,  882.gurobi06, 883.gdxmrw07,  884.dumpopt2,   885.encoding01
886.embmihws, 887.convert17,888.copt01,    889.caproject,  890.cagamsrw
891.cagdxrw,  892.capdxlsrw,893.carxr,     894.capcode,    895.cacsvw
896.embpy12,  897.cacsvr,   898.capdxlsr,  899.embpy13,    900.connectsub
901.nestblock01,902.mps2gms2,903.binary4,  904.load15,     905.gurobi07
906.load16,   907.gamsxcppmex,908.gdxdiff2,909.casqlr,   910.casqlw
911.cadomainw,912.fnlse,    913.fnlsemax,  914.fnlsemaxsc, 915.fnlsemin
916.fnlseminsc,917.fnlseslv,918.caconcat,  919.suffix02,   920.scensol10
921.cafilter, 922.gdxencoding1,923.copt02, 924.save3,      925.embgms01
926.embgms02, 927.embgms03, 928.embgms04,  929.embgms05,   930.EMBGMS06
931.embgms08, 932.embgms09, 933.gdxcopy6,  934.carcr,      935.output01
936.conopt03, 937.interrupt,938.load17,    939.implassign01,940.load18
941.solveopt01, 942.calabelm,943.nlpec03,  944.knitro02,   945.knitro03
$hidden seq . name mapping goes here

set incmap(*,s) 'list of $included files required for model s' /
$hidden enter new include files and/or new $includes
$hidden testlib will copy $included files according to this mapping
testmod       .(1,2,316)
qcp01         .76
qcp02         .77
exchange      .(80*85,107)
'gdxtest.zip.ignore' .89
mpec01        .(105,145,344,943)
lp02          .131
mcp0x         .(127*130)
loop2         .135
fnset_x       .(150*157,161*164,183*187,190*193,269*273,317*319,729,880)
fnset_xy      .(158,181*182,194*196,274*276,359*362,530,531,717*728,730,816*818)
fnset_xyz     .(160,165,188*189,233*235)
fntest_x      .(150*157,161*164,183*187,190*193,269*273,317*319,729,880)
fntest_xy     .(158,181*182,194*196,274*276,359*362,530,531,717*728,730,816*818)
fntest_xyz    .(160,165,188*189,233*235)
'fnsqr.gdx'   .150
'fnexp.gdx'   .151
'fnlog.gdx'   .152
'fnlog2.gdx'  .153
'fnlog10.gdx' .154
'fnsqrt.gdx'  .155
'fncos.gdx'   .156
'fnsin.gdx'   .157
'fnpower.gdx' .158
'fnpi.gdx'    .159
'fnncpf.gdx'  .160
'fnncpvupow.gdx' .234
'fnncpvusin.gdx' .233
'fnsinh.gdx'  .161
'fncosh.gdx'  .162
'fntanh.gdx'  .163
badpt         .(178*179,203)
'fnvcpow.gdx' .181
'fngamma.gdx' .183
'fnatan.gdx'  .185
'fnerrf.gdx'  .186
'fnerrf2.gdx' .187
'fnncpcm.gdx' .188
'fnentro.gdx' .190
'fnsigmo.gdx' .192
'fnrpow.gdx'  .194
'fnrpow2.gdx' .195
('res2test.zip.ignore',rest2) .218
('math1min.gdx','math1max.gdx') .228
 'ex1_.gdx', 'ex1_lab_.gdx', 'exw3_.gdx', 'exw3_lab_.gdx'
 'write2a_.gdx', 'write2b_.gdx', 'write4a_.gdx', 'write4b_.gdx'
 'wbatch.m', 'write1.m', 'write2.m', 'write3.m', 'write4.m')     .247
 'ex2.gdx', 'exr3.gdx', 'exr4.gdx', 'exr5.gdx'
 'rbatch.m', 'read1.m', 'read2.m', 'read3.m', 'read4.m', 'read5.m', 'rtrns.m'
 'trnsport.gdx').    248
'lp01'        .(253,379)
'lp02'        .(254,380)
'fntan.gdx'   .269
'fnacos.gdx'  .270
'fnasin.gdx'  .272
'fnatan2.gdx' .274
'lp03'        .(291,381)
'lp10'        .(292,382)
'lp11'        .(293,383)
'sos1a'       .294
'semicon1'    .295
'mcp01'       .296
'mcp02'       .297
'mcp03'       .298
'mcp04'       .299
'cns01'       .300
'cns02'       .301
'cns03'       .302
'cns04'       .303
'cns05'       .304
'cns06'       .305
'cns07'       .306
'cns08'       .307
'cns09'       .308
'cns10'       .309
'cns11'       .310
'cns12'       .311
'cns13'       .312
'fncentr.gdx' .317
'mcp06'       .341
'lp12'        .384
'lp13'        .385
'gdx6.gdx'    .396
'mip01'       .445
'pgams01'     .473
'x5555.gdx'   .475
 'read1.gdx', 'read2.gdx', 'readbig.gdx'
 'r_batch.m', 'r1.m', 'r2.m', 'rfull.m', 'rsparse.m').    486
('writeset_.gdx', 'writepar_.gdx'
 'w_batch.m', 'writeset.m', 'writepar.m')     .487
('testinst', 'gversion', 'testinst.m')     .490
('tricclib.LIBSTEM','trisource.zip.ignore', compilec, precomp).(521,552)
('tridclib.LIBSTEM','trisource.zip.ignore', compiled, precomp).522
('trifclib.LIBSTEM','trisource.zip.ignore', compilef, precomp).523
'nlcode5.gdx' .532
'qcp01'       .537
'qcp02'       .538
'qcp03'       .539
'complink'    .562
('ex4xc_cb.c', 'ex4xf_cb.f90','deasolu.gdx','geheader.h','gehelper.f90','msg2_f.f90','complink'
('exmcp3c_cb.c', 'exmcp3f_cb.f90','geheader.h','gehelper.f90','msg2_f.f90','complink',
('exmcp4c_cb.c', 'exmcp4f_cb.f90','geheader.h','gehelper.f90','msg2_f.f90','complink',
 'n3707.gdx'   .587
 'mod011.gdx'  .588
'exmcp1'    .679
'zero.gdx'.(853, 879)
('bomUTF8.gms','bomUTF16BE.gms', 'pUTF8.csv').885

$hidden tell model type
set t       single model types / DECIS, GAMS, LP, MIP, NLP, MCP, MPSGE, MINLP, RMIP,
                                 RMINLP, CNS, DNLP, MPEC, QCP, MIQCP, RMIQCP /
    ts(t,s) classification by type /
    gams.  (1,2,3*65,89,110*117,119*126,133*135,137*141,146*210,
    lp.    (66*73,88,118,212,238,239,251*254,291*293,329,374,375,418,459,607,801,888)
    mip.   (106,109,215,294*295,345,346,445,497*498,525,541*542,547*550,553*554,
    minlp. (589*591,597,796,903)
    nlp.   (76,77,131,415,460,551,798*800,917)
    mpsge. (78*85,107*108,481,558,595,620,713)
    cns.   (91*103,300*312)
    mpec.  (104*105,136,145,344,615*619)
    qcp.   (74,75,86,87,390,503,511*512,537*539,555,580,630,740,794)
    mcp.   (127*130,255,296*299,340,341,389,401,440,461,592*594,696)
    miqcp. (540,561,603,792)

parameter oval ordinal value of model type for slvtest/
    MINLP   1,  DECIS   6,  CNS    11,  MIQCP  16,
    NLP     2,  MCP     7,  DNLP   12,  RMIQCP 17,
    MIP     3,  MPSGE   8,
    LP      4,  RMIP    9,  MPEC   14,
    GAMS    5,  RMINLP 10,  QCP    15

set big(s)       need full solver license to run
                 / 541, 579, 633, 663, 710, 813, 903 /
set bigGlobal(s) need full solver license to run with global solver
                 / 70*72, 88, 390, 476, 497, 549, 561, 607, 651, 680, 737 /
set tiny(s)      model that have not more than 10x10 variables and equation
                 / /

alias(s,ss); set srev(s,s) reverse set ; srev(s,s+(card(s)+1-2*ord(s))) = yes;

set drop(t,s) Additional drop set / /;

set tss(t,s) only one type per model used in IDE files;

* quick and dirty dropping of multiple classifications
tss(t,s)                      = ts(t,s) - drop(t,s);
tss('rmip  ',s)$ts('mip  ',s) = no;
tss('lp    ',s)$ts('nlp  ',s) = no;
tss('qcp   ',s)$ts('miqcp',s) = no;
tss('nlp   ',s)$ts('dnlp ',s) = no;
tss('nlp   ',s)$ts('mcp  ',s) = no;
tss('rminlp',s)$ts('minlp',s) = no;
tss('nlp   ',s)$ts('minlp',s) = no;
tss('mcp   ',s)$ts('mpec ',s) = no;
tss(t       ,s)$ts('mpsge',s) = sameas(t,'mpsge');
tss(t       ,s)$ts('decis',s) = sameas(t,'decis');

    err2(s)    'model unclassified in TS(T,S)'
    err3(s)    'model unclassified in SM(S,M)'
    err5(s)    'all types dropped in DROP(T,S)'
    err6(s)    'multiple types in TSS(T,S)'
    err7(t,s)  'drops missing in DROP(T,S) for model with multiple types'
    err8(m)    'model and include names cannot have the same name';

err2(s) = not sum(ts(t,s), yes);
err3(s) = not sum(sm(s,m), yes);
err5(s) = sum(t$(ts(t,s)-drop(t,s)), 1) = 0;
err6(s) = sum(tss(t,s), 1) > 1;
err7(t,s)$err6(s) = tss(t,s);
err8(m) = sum(inc, sameas(m,inc));

abort$card(err2) err2;
abort$card(err3) err3;
abort$card(err5) err5;
abort$card(err6) err6,err7;
abort$card(err7) err7;
abort$card(err8) err8;