Table B:   Considers all models.

Date / Time: 09/27/02 10:16:18

Total resource time for all models.

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother. Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.00E-05.

Tracefile 1 :b2
Tracefile 2 :b3
Solvers used : BARON op2
Modeltype(s)   NLP

Total Obj BARON op2 better Obj same Obj BARON op3 better
Solver BARON op2infinitely faster :- - - -
Solver BARON op2 much faster :- - - -
Solver BARON op2 faster :- - - -
Solvers perform the same : 45 - 45 -
Solver BARON op3 faster : 1 - 1 -
Solver BARON op3 much faster :- - - -
Solver BARON op3 infinitely faster :- - - -
Both solvers failed to solve optimally : 4 - 4 -
Total models: : 500500

Solver return definition:

OutcomeModel StatusSolver Status
optimal 1 or 15 1
feasible 2 or 8 or 16 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

Resource Times:

Solvers perform the same:    Back to top

Modelname BARON op2 BARON op3 Ratio (BARON op2 / BARON op3) Obj BARON op2 Obj BARON op3
1lmp1 0.22000.22001.000 1.34304169E+03 1.34304169E+03
2lmp1 0.24000.24001.000 2.86133253E+02 2.86133253E+02
3lmp1 0.24000.23001.043 2.16242852E+03 2.16242852E+03
4lmp1 0.24000.22001.091 7.57851017E+02 7.57851017E+02
5lmp1 0.25000.25001.000 3.13486788E+02 3.13486788E+02
6lmp1 4.36004.35001.002 1.11656595E+03 1.11656595E+03
7lmp1 4.47004.64000.963 4.18056606E+02 4.18056606E+02
8lmp1 4.42004.30001.028 5.68868471E+02 5.68868471E+02
9lmp1 4.37004.28001.021 5.50561099E+02 5.50561099E+02
10lmp1 3.58003.60000.994 6.05364770E+02 6.05364770E+02
11lmp1 22.310021.68001.029 9.77993714E+01 9.77993714E+01
12lmp1 20.520020.46001.003 7.85704043E+01 7.85704043E+01
13lmp1 19.740019.60001.007 1.99147927E+02 1.99147927E+02
14lmp1 22.230021.50001.034 2.12656000E+02 2.12656000E+02
15lmp1 21.880021.64001.011 5.26163518E+02 5.26163518E+02
16lmp1 0.35000.35001.000 3.40514987E+04 3.40514987E+04
17lmp1 0.34000.34001.000 9.51781638E+03 9.51781638E+03
18lmp1 0.51000.49001.041 8.10242185E+04 8.10242185E+04
19lmp1 0.46000.44001.045 1.26297615E+05 1.26297615E+05
20lmp1 0.46000.46001.000 5.88440007E+04 5.88440007E+04
21lmp1 8.90008.64001.030 3.34358628E+04 3.34358628E+04
22lmp1 9.50009.14001.039 3.03827776E+04 3.03827776E+04
23lmp1 12.310012.34000.998 3.48488733E+04 3.48488733E+04
24lmp1 9.52008.90001.070 7.35610083E+03 7.35610083E+03
25lmp1 12.520012.68000.987 6.43318161E+04 6.43318161E+04
26lmp1 31.880031.47001.013 3.67386977E+04 3.67386977E+04
27lmp1 28.590026.02001.099 1.08604363E+04 1.08604363E+04
28lmp1 36.680035.76001.026 2.51993500E+04 2.51993500E+04
29lmp1 40.100037.18001.079 3.96776580E+04 3.96776580E+04
30lmp1 37.530035.56001.055 3.89254150E+04 3.89254150E+04
31lmp1 0.62000.60001.033 7.48596357E+05 7.48596357E+05
32lmp1 0.84000.80001.050 1.27643488E+06 1.27643488E+06
33lmp1 0.73000.72001.014 2.08839366E+06 2.08839366E+06
34lmp1 0.68000.65001.046 3.66054669E+05 3.66054669E+05
35lmp1 0.82000.85000.965 1.40548992E+06 1.40548992E+06
36lmp1 14.380014.62000.984 8.25385867E+05 8.25385867E+05
37lmp1 30.700033.57000.915 2.68946093E+06 2.68946093E+06
38lmp1 45.960042.88001.072 4.48850391E+06 4.48850391E+06
39lmp1 13.410013.70000.979 2.80253970E+05 2.80253970E+05
40lmp1 31.520032.04000.984 1.41080802E+06 1.41080802E+06
42lmp1 170.6300180.46000.946 1.53785250E+06 1.53785250E+06
43lmp1 201.9600216.98000.931 1.78712388E+06 1.78712388E+06
44lmp1 179.1000183.25000.977 2.24481601E+06 2.24481601E+06
45lmp1 185.8600199.00000.934 1.42446397E+06 1.42446397E+06
46lmp1 300.0000300.10001.000 4.95791123E+07 4.95791123E+07

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Solver BARON op3 faster - Obj same for both solvers:     Back to top

Modelname BARON op2 BARON op3 Ratio (BARON op2 / BARON op3) Obj BARON op2 Obj BARON op3
41lmp1 289.4500242.96001.191 3.03790810E+06 3.03790810E+06

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Both solvers failed to solve optimally - Obj same for both solvers:     Back to top

Modelname BARON op2 BARON op3 Ratio (BARON op2 / BARON op3) Obj BARON op2 Obj BARON op3
47lmp1 f f -- 1.43841000E+08 1.43841000E+08
48lmp1 f f -- 1.58284000E+08 1.51775000E+08
49lmp1 f f -- 2.92244000E+08 2.91326000E+08
50lmp1 f f -- 2.48073000E+08 2.57757000E+08

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