June 18, 2018 by Yvonne Neumann
Energy and Power System Modeling Course Courses Energy

On June 12-15, 2018, Dr. Maindl Consulting and the GAMS expert and book author Dr. Alireza Soroudi hosted a very successful 4-day GAMS course on Energy and Power System Modeling in Vienna. As a new member in the GAMS sales and marketing team, I...

January 29, 2018 by Tim Johannessen
GAMS CGE Modeling Course in Beijing, China Courses China

On November 23-25, 2017, Beijing Uone Info & Tech Co., Ltd hosted a three-day course on CGE Modeling with GAMS at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, China.

December 11, 2017 by Celia Galley
Energy and Power System Modeling Course Courses Energy

On October 2–5, 2017, Dr. Maindl Consulting - in cooperation with power system optimization modeling in GAMS expert and book author Dr. Alireza Soroudi of Dublin, Ireland - offered their first “Energy and power system modeling in GAMS” course. The...

November 21, 2017 by Steven Dirkse
Army is going bowling! GAMS Applications Austria

The announcement that the US Military Academy’s football team, the Army West Point Black Knights, had received a bid to the Armed Forces Bowl on 23 Dec was good news for the team and its fans and supporters everywhere, but it posed a problem for...

October 9, 2017 by Steven Dirkse
GAMS at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017 in Houston, TX Conferences Austria

We will be at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Houston and are looking forward to meeting you at our exhibit booth or at one of our talks!

September 28, 2017 by Tim Johannessen
Some Impressions from the OR2017 Berlin Conferences Germany

August 31, 2017 by Tim Johannessen
GAMS at OR2017 Berlin Conferences Germany

We are very much looking forward to the OR2017 International Conference on Operations Research which is taking place on September 06-08 in Berlin, Germany.

August 14, 2017 by Tim Johannessen
Scaling Excerpts from Bruce McCarl's Newsletter scaling

Sometimes models do odd things like reporting problems as infeasible, stuck or falsely optimal when scaling is the real issue. To avoid this or correct such issues it is often desirable to check scaling and in turn rescale the model or ask the...