Energy and Power System Modeling Course

by Yvonne Neumann Courses Energy

On June 12-15, 2018, Dr. Maindl Consulting and the GAMS expert and book author Dr. Alireza Soroudi hosted a very successful 4-day GAMS course on Energy and Power System Modeling in Vienna. As a new member in the GAMS sales and marketing team, I got the chance to participate in the course and learned a lot about the software my company provides and also how GAMS helps our customers with their daily business.

The training room for this event was fully booked; participants from several countries in Europe, Asia and beyond attended the course and took advantage of the helpful training sessions. Even experienced GAMS users told me that the course provided a real benefit for them!

One of the highlights of this already well-established GAMS training was that we used the new Beta Version of GAMS Studio for the first time instead of the already known GAMS IDE to work with GAMS. The overall feedback of the participants was that it is amazing to see how easy GAMS Studio is to use on MAC and Windows PCs. The new interface really improves the user experience working with GAMS.