GAMS CGE Modeling Course in Beijing, China

by Tim Johannessen Courses China

On November 23-25, 2017, Beijing Uone Info & Tech Co., Ltd hosted a three-day course on CGE Modeling with GAMS at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, China. 

The course was led by Professor Lou Feng, who specializes in CGE modeling and its applications in policy analysis as well as the theory and application of DSGE models, and is a Senior Research Fellow and Director at the Department of Economic Systems, Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The course was aimed at improving the technical competence of relevant scientific and technological experts. Among the participants were principal technicians from both enterprises and public institutions, researchers from scientific research institutions and departments, as well as educators from universities and colleges, from various industries such as finance, operations research, management science, IT, mathematics and economics.

Professor Lou Feng explained the basics of GAMS through simple examples, and then moved on to more advanced, frequently used functions and features of GAMS.He also addressed difficulties and problems that the participants are facing in their work, analysing real world examples and showing the participants how to deal with complicated issues. The participants actively raised questions, exchanged ideas and shared their experiences on a broad range of topics.As a reseller of GAMS in China, Beijing Uone Info&Tech Co., Ltd is planning to offer Chinese GAMS users with more training and learning opportunities in the future. They will host a series of offline training courses and meetings on GAMS.