INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee

by Celia Galley Conferences Austria

Long dubbed Music City, U.S.A., Nashville, Tennesse made for an interesting host city of 2016’s INFORMS Annual Meeting. With a vibrant music scene and an abundance of restaurants and bars - most of them with live music - we were thrilled to come to Nashville for the INFORMS conference.

The conference was held in Nashville's Music City Center from November 13 to November 16, 2016. The GAMS team that was "manning" our booth was very small this time - just Steve and Celia.



On Saturday Steve did the workshop "An Introduction to the General Algebraic Modeling System", showcasing fundamental principles of GAMS as well as recent and ongoing developments. We reviewed some application examples from our clients in academia and industry, in which optimization is an important element. These projects give insight into the complexity of tasks as well as the variety of environments in developing and deploying optimization applications.

On Monday Steve gave a software tutorial on "Model Building and Deployment with GAMS" in the 5th Avenue Lobby. Starting off with a simple optimization model as the starting point, he showed how to easily add more and more complexity to the model in GAMS, such as adding nonlinear and integer variables or connecting the model with a GUI in a sample application.

We were happy to reconnect with a lot of familiar faces, and also made many new interesting acquaintances. Thanks for the fun and interesting conversations we had with you at our booth or in between talks!