ODH|CPLEX is now available with GAMS

by Celia Galley GAMS Features

ODH|CPLEX is a solver from Optimization Direct Inc. that implements a set of heuristic methods for finding feasible solutions to Mixed Integer Programming (MIP and MIQCP) models that use IBM CPLEX as its underlying solver engine. 

It is designed for large-scale models which a MIP solver would find intractable - either by it being unable to find feasible solutions at all or, more usually, by being unable to find feasible solutions of adequate quality in the time available to its user.

"User-provided model annotation has resulted in new ways to formulate and solve optimization problems. ODH|CPLEX builds on this concept to find better solutions more quickly.", says Michael Bussieck, Managing Director at GAMS."The automatic decomposition mode in ODH|CPLEX allows users to simply swap their MIP solver with ODH|CPLEX and to immediately benefit from this new technology. We are excited to offer ODH|CPLEX to all our GAMS/CPLEX customers, even free of charge for users in academia!" 

We have compiled more technical information on ODH|CPLEX in our documentation

We offer a free trial license, so every GAMS user can try out ODH|CPLEX. Just click on the below link and immediately receive a test license.

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