Video: Deploying GAMS models using a web interface

by Yvonne Neumann GAMS Features



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Are you a modeling expert and would like to run your GAMS program from within a web browser, being able to visualize input and output data? Or an enterprise that requires a graphical user interface so that their planners can work more productively, leveraging the full potential optimization brings? 


Deep Integration

A deep integration into the GAMS modeling system allows you to perform data manipulation, scenario management, graphical evaluation of the results and much more from within the web browser by adding very few annotations to your model. All you need to do is specify what your input and output datasets are that you want to visualize. This already results in a fully functional GUI that can be launched directly from the new GAMS Studio. It allows you to deploy your models and visualize the data in a very early stage of prototyping. 


Web Interface

The web interface offers many possibilities to customize your graphics and layout right from within your GAMS models via JSON syntax. Advanced data manipulation can even be performed in R and also enterprise features such as managing multiple optimization models for multiple (concurrent) users with access management, load balancing, batch configuration and much more are supported.


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This new interface is under development. If you are interested or even have an ongoing project that you would like to enrich with this new interface, contact us! Our goal is to provide a deployment option that requires only limited financial resources so that all our customers and OR experts who design creative solutions to problems in a wide range of different areas can benefit from it.