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The GAMS Mailing List

GAMS users worldwide use the GAMS User List (GAMS-L) hosted by the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) to exchange information about GAMS. GAMS-L is open to everyone around the world.

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  • Bruce McCarl's GAMS Newsletter: With his newsletter Bruce McCarl wants to provide some additional information on the use and features which emerge as GAMS develops. He intends to periodically issue a very short newsletter that informs people of things that are new and or under documented as well as opportunities to learn more about GAMS features and usage. An archive of old newsletters is available here.
  • The GAMS Release Newsletter: For people interested in the latest information about new GAMS releases and trying out beta releases.
  • The Conferences and Events Newsletter: This newsletter will inform you about forthcoming GAMS related events.

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The GAMS World Forum

The GAMS World Forum is associated with, a web site aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing highly focused forums and dissemination services in specialized areas of mathematical programming.