GAMS Workshops at OR 2017

GAMS - An Introduction

We start with the basics of GAMS to develop algebraic models, solve them using state-of-the art algorithms, and introduce the key concepts of GAMS and the fundamentals of the language (e.g. sets, data, variables, equations). We’ll explore some case studies drawn directly from GAMS users in different fields.The largest part of the workshop will consist of an demonstration, where we are going to build a simple optimization based decision support application from scratch. We show how GAMS supports an easy growth path to larger and more sophisticated models, promotes speed and reliability during in the development phase of  optimization models, and provides access to all of the most powerful large-scale solver packages. Along the way we will look at some of the data management tools included in the GAMS system and show how to analyze and debug large problems using the various tools available within GAMS.

This workshop requires no or limited knowledge about GAMS.
No extra registration necessary.

GAMS - Advanced Hands-On Workshop

This hands-on workshop, which is catered to the requirements of advanced GAMS users and application builders provides a great opportunity to learn about selected topics and best practices like:

  • Use of the GAMS Object-Oriented API's to integrate GAMS models into different environments, like C#, Python, and Java.
  • Code embedding in GAMS
  • Stochastic programming in GAMS
  • Asynchronous and parallel GAMS models

These sessions are hands-on workshops, so please bring your laptop.