gams.options.TraceOpt Class Reference

Trace file format option. More...

Inherits object.

Static Public Attributes

int SolverAndGAMSStepTraceWOHeaders = 0
 Solver and GAMS step trace without headers.
int SolverAndGAMSStepTrace = 1
 Solver and GAMS step trace.
int SolverStepTraceOnly = 2
 Solver step trace only.
int TraceFileFormatGAMSPerformanceWorld = 3
 Trace file format used for GAMS performance world.
int TraceFileFormatSupportingNLPEC = 4
 Trace file format supporting NLPEC.
int TraceFileWithAllAvailableTraceFields = 5
 Trace file with all available trace fields.

Detailed Description

Trace file format option.