GAMS User's Guide

This documentation guides GAMS User through several topics in GAMS system. Some introductions to software systems are like reference manuals: they describe each command in detail. Others take you step by step through a small number of examples. This guide uses elements of both approaches.

  • Introduction and Tutorial - This is a self-contained tutorial that guides you through a single example, a small transportation model, in some detail: you can quickly investigate the flavor of GAMS by reading it.
    • Introduction - an introductory to GAMS User's Guide.
    • Tutorial - A GAMS Tutorial by Richard E. Rosenthal.

  • Language Basics - This part introduces the components of the GAMS language in an ordered way, interspersed with detailed examples that are often drawn from the model library. All models from the model library are enclosed in square parenthesis (for example, [TRNSPORT]). Some specialized material has deliberately been omitted in this process because the primary aim is to make GAMS accessible to the widest possible audience, especially those without extensive experience with computers or mathematical programming systems. Some familiarity with quantitative methods and mathematical representations is assumed.

The GAMS User's Guide is also available as PDF.