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30th European Conference on Operational Research

GAMS will be at the 30th European Conference on Operational Research in Dublin, Ireland.

We will be at the 30th European Conference on Operational Research in Dublin, Ireland.

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Model deployment in GAMS

By Frederick Proske and Robin Schuchmann

In most cases, using GAMS in the typical fashion - i.e. defining and solving models and evaluating the results within the given interfaces is a sufficient way to deploy optimization models. The underlying field of mathematical optimization, in which the focus is not so much on visualization as on the problem structure itself, has remained a kind of niche market to this day. In the large and very extensive segment of business analytics, however, intuitive deployment and visualization is indispensable. Since these two areas increasingly overlap, interest in alternative deployment methods is also growing in the field of mathematical optimization. In this talk we present a new interface to deploy GAMS models. We show how to turn a model into an interactive web application in just a few steps. In addition, the generation, organization, and sensitivity analysis of multiple scenarios of an optimization model is addressed. We demonstrate how a model written in GAMS can be deployed with this application on either a local machine or a remote server. While data manipulation and visualization as well as scenario management can be done via the web interface, the model itself is not changed. Therefore, the Operations Research analyst can keep focusing on the optimization problem while end users have a powerful tool to work with the data in a structured way and interactively explore the results.