Evaluate our software before making a purchase. We offer the following options:

Demo License

For commercial, academic, and non-profit users

Our demo licenses are valid for 12 months, and are ideal for those who want to get a first impression of GAMS.

All language features are enabled, and the restrictions listed below are quite generous. You will be able to run your first experiments before hitting the limits too soon.

  • You can generate and solve linear models (LP, RMIP, and MIP) that do not exceed 2000 variables and 2000 constraints
  • For all other model types the model cannot be larger than 1000 variables and 1000 constraints
  • Some solvers might enforce additional limits for the demo license. Read the licensing chapter of the GAMS online documentation for more information.
  • GAMS will terminate with a licensing error if you hit one of the above limits:
    *** Status: Terminated due to a licensing error *** Inspect listing file for more information
  • MIRO connector allows up to 10 indexed input and output symbols
  • Limited to 12 months

Request a Free Demo License

Time Limited Evaluation License

For commercial users

Our non-academic customers can request time limited evaluation licenses for the purpose of testing GAMS under real world conditions.

  • No functional restrictions
  • Use GAMS for up to 30 days free of charge
  • Try different solvers before you purchase
  • No production use
Contact our sales team at sales@gams.com to request an evaluation license.

Community License

For academic and non-profit users

Community licenses are for non-commercial, non-production use, and are a popular option for students at degree granting institutions, or for non-profit organizations.

  • Generate and solve linear models (LP, MIP, and RMIP) that do not exceed 5000 variables and 5000 constraints
  • For all other model types the model cannot be larger than 2500 variables and 2500 constraints
  • Additional limits enforced by some solvers
  • Limited to 12 months
  • Cannot be combined with a professional license
Contact our sales team at community@gams.com to request a community license, and provide the following information:
  • Your first and last name
  • Institutional email address (e.g. ".edu")
  • Name of the University
  • Your department
  • Your position (e.g. PhD-student, lecturer, etc.)