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Download GAMS Distribution 24.5.6

Please consult the release notes before downloading a system. Here are the installation notes. The GAMS distribution includes the GAMS Manuals in electronic form. The current version of the manuals are also available online and hard copies of the GAMS User's Guide and the Solver Manuals can be ordered through Amazon.

Platform Notes
MS Windows 32 bit Windows Vista or newer on AMD- or Intel-based (x86_32) architectures. (zip'ed installersee 2))
MS Windows 64 bit Windows Vista or newer on AMD- or Intel-based (x64_64) architectures. (zip'ed installersee 2))
Linux 64 bit AMD- or Intel-based 64-bit (x64_64) Linux systems with glibc 2.4 or higher.
Mac OS X Intel-based 64-bit (x64_64) Macintosh system. Built on OS X 10.7 (Lion). Please note that this is a OS X Terminal application and must be executed using the command line interface. (sfx installer)
Solaris i86pc AMD- or Intel-based 64-bit (x64_64) Solaris system. Built on Solaris 11.0.
Solaris SPARC 64bit Sparc-based 64-bit (sparc_64) Solaris system. Built on Solaris 10.
IBM AIX PowerPC based 64-bit (ppc_64) AIX system. Built on AIX 6.1.
Linux/Wine (beta) AMD- or Intel-based Linux systems. The software uses the Windows 32bit GAMS build and Wine. No separate Wine installation is required. For more information please visit this page.
Mac/Wine (beta) For more information please visit this page.

Please visit this page to download older GAMS distribution.


  1. For older distributions please follow this link. There are some mailing lists, which will inform you about forthcoming releases, provide additional information, and are useful for questions about GAMS and modeling issues.
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer users who have enabled SmartScreen Filter may get several warnings during the download of a GAMS system. If you do not want to ignore these messages, please download the "zip'ed installer" from the list above and unzip this file before running the setup program.
  3. MD5-Hash values (use a program like md5sum to verify):
    56321cf4cc5cd4dae55b1efcb2a58cdd aix_ppc_64_sfx.exe
    cf48e2b8d137158f63620d2f4a52d825 linux_x64_64_sfx.exe
    c87065f5af10fdfdaaf8de64318ead3a linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe
    7beac3c89e6981e0c0adafd90290f8d6 GAMS24.5.dmg
    3b87cdead9fdcbb480b181ff22e3dba0 osx_x64_64_sfx.exe
    5b653da16da68c95e9059485f62526fe solaris_sparc_64_sfx.exe
    6bdbabb585e1db1124def35c926e17e8 solaris_x64_64_sfx.exe
    b243e733cf2ba40c4ee3b39d3f25bb6b windows_x64_64.exe
    e9711a6fc10c999d7a175900040357d2 windows_x86_32.exe
  4. Without a valid GAMS license the system will operate as a free demo system:
  5. To deliver GAMS with the best performance we are using the Amazon CloudFront web service, a global network of edge locations for content delivery.

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