Basic GAMS Modeling - An Introductory Class

with Bruce McCarl (Texas A&M University)

This is an online offering of a Basic GAMS class followed immediately by an advanced class. This will be a four day Basic GAMS class designed for those interested in applying GAMS modeling to the study of management decisions in the business and policy arenas. It will provide exposure to modeling examining the impact of changing prices, risk conditions and investment opportunities as they influence firms, the environment and the sector. Students are not expected to know GAMS ahead of time The whole class will deal with the topics of how to formulate GAMS based models starting from no assumed knowledge but working up through advanced formulation (dealing with price responsive demand, investments and risk as well as GAMS model debugging and improved output presentation topics).

Details on course offering and registration

Course introduction and outline

03. Jun - 06. Jun, 2024