Cutting Edge Modeling

  • Formulate optimization problems in a notation similar to their algebraic notation
  • The GAMS language is powerful, yet easy to learn
  • Responsive tech support by highly competent experts
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Design Principles That Make a Difference

  • Open Architecture and Independent Layers: Model, Solver, Data, Platform, User Interface
  • Protecting long­term investments through Innovation and Compatibility

    • Continuous development of the modeling language and system
    • Unconditional commitment to backward compatibility

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Large, global user community

  • GAMS is used

    • by private companies, universities, governments, NGOs, and research institutions
    • in more than 120 countries and in many different areas

  • Maturity through more than 30 years of experience
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About the Company

About the Company

GAMS is one of the leading tool providers for the optimization industry and was the first software system to combine the language of mathematical algebra with traditional programming concepts in order to efficiently describe and solve optimization problems.

Get information about using GAMS

Get information about using GAMS

Whether you are new to GAMS or an experienced user, here you will find an overview of where to find all kinds of information on using GAMS.

Find out what others are doing with GAMS

Find out what others are doing with GAMS

GAMS is used worldwide in more than 120 countries by both commercial and academic users from many different areas such as the energy and chemical industries, healthcare, production planning, economic modeling, agricultural planning, and many others.

Latest blog posts

  • Tim Johannessen
    GAMS CGE Modeling Course in Beijing, China January 29, 2018

    On November 23-25, 2017, Beijing Uone Info & Tech Co., Ltd hosted a three-day course on CGE Modeling with GAMS at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, China. read more

  • Celia Galley
    Energy and Power System Modeling Course December 11, 2017

    On October 2–5, 2017, Dr. Maindl Consulting - in cooperation with power system optimization modeling in GAMS expert and book author Dr. Alireza Soroudi of Dublin, Ireland - offered their first “Energy and power system modeling in GAMS” course. The... read more


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