Release notes

GAMS Engine 21.05.04

Update GAMS to version 35.1.0.

GAMS Engine 21.03.19

  • Fix issue that caused jobs to not get canceled when the GAMS process creates another GAMS process.

GAMS Engine 21.03.12

  • listJobs with show_only_active set now also returns jobs that are waiting for dependencies.
  • Inviters now have access to jobs submitted by invitees.
  • The Engine UI now has the option to display only jobs that are currently active.
  • Users can change registered models' files, arguments, inex file, run filename via PATCH /namespaces/{namespace}/{model}
  • Listing models provides run filename information as well
  • Deprecated creating JWT token via basic auth, use the other option instead
  • Users now can specify expiration time for JWT token, defaults to 4 hours
  • Dependency checker, hcube appender, hcube unpacker logging format changed
  • Restarting worker now handled by Container Runtime in connection error

GAMS Engine 21.02.03

First official release of GAMS Engine.