Process Window

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The process window shows the progress of a GAMS job during the compilation / execution and solution phases.


Multiple jobs can be running at the same time; the different jobs are organized in the form of pages in a notebook. Clicking on a tab will show the current status for that job.


Error messages are shown in red with an indication where the error occurred. A double-click with the mouse will open the file and position the cursor on the error. If you want to see the error in the listing file, hold down the Shift key while double-clicking the red line.


Important locations in the listing file are shown in blue. A double click on such a line will position the cursor in the listing file.


A double-click on a line which is not red or blue, will position the cursor in the listing file.



Depending if a process is still running or has finished, the following buttons are available:



Signal the solver to stop at a convenient point.

Typically, solvers will check for a user interrupt in the same places where the resource limit is checked. A user might wish to trigger an interrupt in order to stop a MIP job that has found a good integer feasible point but does not yet satisfy the convergence tolerances, or to return an intermediate point for an LP or NLP. The solver will return the current point and the appropriate model status, with a solution status of 8 (USER INTERRUPT), and the GAMS run will continue.



Stop the current Job.

The job will be stopped as soon as possible, and some files may be left in the process directory. No solution file will be written either.

It may be necessary to send the stop signal a few times to actually stop the process.



Close the current process


Open Log

The LOG file for the current job will be opened in an edit window.




Summary only

When enabled, the process window will only show lines that are red or blue or that start with '----'. This will reduce the number of lines displayed in the process window by eliminating lines showing solver iteration information etc.



When enabled, the status information shown in the process window will be updated continuously and the text will scroll up, so the last line is always visible. When disabled, the text will not scroll. (This is the same option as described under File | Options | Execute | Update Process Window.)