The GAMS EMP Library

The Extended Mathematical Programming (EMP) model library was developed to illustrate and test the capabilities GAMS/EMP offers.

Seq Name Description Type
104 emppython1 Three Simple EMP Models with Indexed EMP Syntax and Python Parser GAMS
103 simpequil3 Simple Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem EQUIL
102 simpleqvi2 Simple Quasi-Variational Inequality QVI
101 simpleqvi1 Simple Quasi-Variational Inequality QVI
100 farmnbd The Farmer's Problem - Stochastic with NBD SP
99 equil_bilevel Equilibrium model with and without containing bilevel EQUIL
98 vi_mcp Identical models specified using MCP and VI syntax VI
97 vi_equil Identical VI models with and without containing equilibrium VI
96 vidualvar VI with dualvar specified for VI constraint VI
95 oa Outer Approximation with GAMS GAMS
94 transsp A Stochastic Transportation Problem SP
93 simplevi4 A simple example for 2 VIs VI
92 sku1sp Multi-product assemble model with discrete and Poisson demand distribution SP
91 gen2s Two stage stochastic program in the generic form SP
90 cargonet Cargo network scheduling with stochastic transportation demand SP
89 batchsp Design of batch chemical plants with stochastic demand and price SP
88 circlesp Circle Enclosing Points - Stochastic Example SP
87 stocfor3 Long Range Forest Planning SP
86 airlift Airlift operations schedule SP
85 nbsimple Simple newsboy problem, discrete SP
84 tr20 Extended transport model with stochastic demand and costs SP
83 sp3x2 Simple stochatic model SP
82 simplechance Simple chance constraint model SP
81 prodsp3 Stochastic Programming Example SP
80 portfolio Stochastic portfolio model SP
79 nbdiscjoint Newsboy problem, discrete and joint distribution SP
78 nbdiscindep Newsboy problem, discrete and independent distribution SP
77 nbcontjoint Newsboy problem, continuous and joint distribution SP
76 nbcontindep Newsboy problem, continuous and independent distribution SP
75 landssp Optimal Investment SP
74 kilosafarm Kilosa farm problem SP
73 farmsp The Farmer's Problem - Stochastic SP
72 clearlaksp Scenario Reduction: ClearLake exercise SP
71 apl1pcasp Stochastic Electric Power Expansion Planning Problem SP
70 apl1psp Stochastic Electric Power Expansion Planning Problem SP
69 airsp3 Aircraft allocation - stochastic optimization SP
68 two3emp EMP Formulation of Simple 2 x 2 x 2 General Equilibrium Model EQUIL
67 hark-stack SPE model from Harker - Stackelberg version BP
66 hark-oligop-ind SPE model from Harker - oligopoly version EQUIL
65 hark-oligop SPE model from Harker - oligopoly version EQUIL
64 hark-monop SPE model from Harker - monopolist and competetive versions EQUIL
63 simpequil2 Simple Equilibrium with external constraint EQUIL
62 simplevi3 Another simple VI example VI
61 nlp2mcp nlp2mcp: Form the KKT conditions of an NLP as an MCP GAMS
60 simpenlp Simple example of ENLP ENLP
59 foodemp Food Manufacturing Problem - Blending of oils LOGICAL
58 exc2x2emp-dem pure exchange model (ie no production) EQUIL
57 exc2x2emp pure exchange model (ie no production) EQUIL
56 pies PIES Energy Equilibrium EQUIL
55 scarfexpend Scarf's Activity Analysis Example EQUIL
54 scarfemp-dual Scarf's Activity Analysis Example EQUIL
53 scarfemp-primal Scarf's Activity Analysis Example EQUIL
52 scarfemp-altdem Scarf's Activity Analysis Example - non-closed form demand function EQUIL
51 scarfemp-dem Scarf's Activity Analysis Example EQUIL
50 flipper Test of flipping equations EQUIL
49 simpequil Simple Equilibrium EQUIL
48 affinevi Affine Variational Inequality VI
47 simplevi2 Simple Nonlinear Variational Inequality VI
46 simplevi Simple Variational Inequality VI
45 transeql Transportation model as equilibrium problem ECS
44 flds929 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.9 BP
43 flds928 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.8 BP
42 flds927 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.7 BP
41 flds926 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.6 BP
40 flds925 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.5 BP
39 flds924 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.4 BP
38 flds923 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.3 BP
37 flds922 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.2 BP
36 flds921 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.2.1 BP
35 flds919 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.9 BP
34 flds918 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.8 BP
33 flds917 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.7 BP
32 flds916 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.6 BP
31 flds915 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.5 BP
30 flds914 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.4 BP
29 flds913 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.3 BP
28 flds912 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.2 BP
27 flds911 Princeton Bilevel Optimization Example 9.1.1 BP
26 transbp Transportation model with variable demand function using bilevel programming BP
25 multmpec Educational bilevel model with VI followers BP
24 ferris43 Educational embedded complemenarity system model ECS
23 jointc2 Educational bilevel model BP
22 jointc1 Educational bilevel model BP
21 negishi Pure exchange model solved with EMP, SJM, and CGE ECS
20 sequence Sequencing on a single machine LOGICAL
19 traffic2 Traffic Assignment Model VI
18 zerofunc Match unmatched vars with zero functions in VI VI
17 emphtm Generates HTM emplib library files GAMS
16 goempgo EMP Quality Assurance Test GAMS
15 makespan Job scheduling with three datasets - Minimize the makespan LOGICAL
14 transecs Transportation model as equilibrium problem using embedded complementarity ECS
13 target State Variable Targetting in EMPs ECS Framework ECS
12 mirrlees Simple Nonconvex Bilevel Programming Example BP
11 ccmg74 Bilevel Programs in Engineering Example 7.4 BP
10 ccmg71 Bilevel Programs in Engineering Example 7.1 BP
9 ccmg153 Bilevel Programs in Engineering Example 1.5.3 BP
8 bard871 Practical Bilevel Optimization Example 8.7.1 BP
7 bard851 Practical Bilevel Optimization Example 8.5.1 BP
6 bard722 Practical Bilevel Optimization Example 7.2.2 BP
5 bard721 Practical Bilevel Optimization Example 7.2.1 BP
4 bard511 Practical Bilevel Optimization Example 5.1.1 BP
3 traffic Traffic Assignment Model VI
2 transvi VI version of the transport model VI
1 emputil Generates the EMP Model Library files GAMS