User's Guide

This documentation guides GAMS User through several topics in GAMS system.

Installation and Licensing

This part leads step by step through the installation process on three main platforms and describes the GAMS licensing system:

Tutorials and Examples

This part describes step by step through several selected tutorials and a small number of examples.

There are also tutorials and examples of the Application Programming Interfaces

GAMS Language and Environment

This part introduces the components of the GAMS language in an ordered way, interspersed with detailed examples that are often drawn from the model library.

The following discusses the execution of GAMS, the use of special features, and other miscellaneous topics.


An alphabetically list of GAMS terms is available in the Glossary.

McCarl GAMS User Guide

The McCarl GAMS User Guide (CHM and PDF) can be found in the mccarl/ subdirectory in the distribution as well as contributed documentations under Bruce McCarl's Collection section.