Integrated Solvers

GAMS has all the functionality required to develop, debug, deploy, and maintain optimization models. A large set of mathematical model types (linear, mixed-integer, nonlinear, mixed-integer nonlinear, mixed complementary,  etc.) can be formulated with GAMS. 

GAMS creates optimization problems from your models and data, and retrieves results for analysis and processing, but it does not solve the optimization problem.

Instead, it uses so called solvers that have been connected to GAMS and are included in the GAMS system. Here is a brief description of each solver, the model types each solver is capable of solving, and the platforms supported by each solver.

The GAMS Base Module includes all open-source solvers, some free solvers, and free links, and all other solvers in size limited versions. Although all these solvers are included in the GAMS System, some of them require a commercial license (for details visit our regular or academic price lists) and the usage is governed by our license agreement .

If you already have access to a particular solver you would like to use, you can instead purchase a GAMS/Solver-Link. Each link connects the GAMS Base Module to a particular solver, but does not include a license for the solver. It may be necessary to purchase a separate license from the solver vendor before the solver can be used.

Choosing the right solver can involve a fair bit of trial and error, and in general, the performance of a specific solver cannot readily be predicted from problem size or other simple measures.

We strongly recommend testing alternative solvers to determine which offers the best tradeoff of price and performance for your needs.

We are happy to provide you with a free evaluation license for this purpose.