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On-line Documentation

The GAMS distribution includes the GAMS Manuals in electronic form. The current version of the manuals are also available online below and hard copies of the GAMS User's Guide and the Solver Manuals can be ordered through Amazon.

General GAMS documents
A GAMS Tutorial A Tutorial by Rick Rosenthal
GAMS - A User's Guide A User's Guide by Brooke, Kendrick, Meeraus, and Raman,
including these appendices:
  • Glossary
  • The GAMS Model Library
  • The GAMS Call
  • Dollar Control Options
  • The Option Statement
  • The Save and Restart Feature
  • Secure Work Files
  • Compressed and Encrypted Input Files
  • The GAMS Grid Computing Facility
  • Installation and System Notes
Expanded GAMS Guide (html) or (pdf) Expanded GAMS User Guide by Bruce McCarl
Installation Notes for MS Windows GAMS Installation and System Notes for MS Windows
Installation Notes for Mac GAMS Installation and System Notes for Mac
Installation Notes for UNIX GAMS Installation and System Notes for UNIX and MAC
Additional Sources of Information Additional Sources of GAMS Information
Release Notes Distribution Release Notes
Solver Manuals
Tools (included in the Distribution)
Application Programming Interfaces to GAMS
Additional GAMS documents
FAQ Tips and Tricks - The Official GAMS FAQ
Model Types Supported GAMS Model Types (LP, MIP, ...)
Slice Modeling in GAMS DEA Modeling in GAMS via Gather-Update-Solve-Scatter (GUSS)
Cross Validation in GAMS Cross Validation in GAMS via Gather-Update-Solve-Scatter (GUSS)
BCH Facility The GAMS Branch-and-Cut-and-Heuristic Facility
GAMS/LS A Linear Regression Solver for GAMS
Conic Programming Conic Programming in GAMS
Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity Analysis with GAMS and GAMS/CPLEX or GAMS/GUROBI
External Equations How to include External Equations in GAMS
GAMS/Excel Using GDXA Tutorial on how to read and write data with Excel using the GDX facilities
GAMS and Other Applications How to communicate between GAMS and other applications
Submission of (Confidential) Models to Support Information on conversion of models for submission to GAMS support
GAMS Model Libraries
GAMS Model Library Library of example and other user-contributed GAMS models
GAMS Testlib Library Library of GAMS models for quality control and testing
FINLIB Practical Financial Optimization Models by Consiglio, Nielsen and Zenios
GAMS Data Utilities The GAMS Data Utilities Library
GAMS EMP Library The EMP model library was developed to illustrate and test the capabilities GAMS/EMP offers.
GAMS API Library Scripts to compile and execute the example applications using the GAMS APIs.
Contributed GAMS documentation
Order hard copies of the Manuals through Amazon