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Please note that GAMS MIRO is currently in the beta phase (not suited for use in production).


Welcome to the documentation of GAMS MIRO (Model Interface with Rapid Orchestration) for and from GAMS, the General Algebraic Modeling System. GAMS MIRO is an interactive web application for GAMS models. It is designed for people working with GAMS looking for an easy and automated way to deploy their models. Extensive visualization options support you to make decisions based on optimization.

GAMS MIRO is currently in the beta phase. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvement, please contact

Why should I use GAMS MIRO?

Are you working with GAMS and looking for a fast way to deploy your GAMS models automatically?
Do you have to make decisions based on optimization problems and are looking for an intuitive visualization tool?

Then GAMS MIRO is a good choice for you!

  • Quick & automated deployment of GAMS models
  • Data visualization with powerful charts / graphics
  • Generation, processing and evaluation of scenario data
  • Automated generation of multiple data instances
  • Generation of performance statistics and sensitivity analyses
  • Data export for external GAMS jobs and analyses
  • Intuitive, structured integration requires no GAMS expertise
  • Easy to use & comfortable working environment
  • Highly customizable

We have developed this tool to extend the possibilities of working with your GAMS models.

GAMS MIRO is supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
For early access to a beta version, please contact

GAMS MIRO gallery

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Getting started

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Model deployment

Use your own GAMS model with MIRO


Learn how to customize GAMS MIRO

Configuration Generator

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Hypercube mode

Scenario runs and sensitivity analysis

Release notes

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Frequently asked questions

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1st webinar from 02/21/2019:

2nd webinar from 07/11/2019:

Cheat sheets

Lazy to read the documentation or just want a compact summary of the most important features of GAMS MIRO?

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Demo applications

We provide some GAMS MIRO demo applications. You can use these to get to know some of MIRO's basic features. Just download the ZIP file and extract it to a directory of your choice.