Getting Started with GAMS

Follow these four steps and start working with GAMS:

  1. Download and install GAMS.
  2. Request your GAMS license.
  3. Install the license following the installation instructions .
  4. Check our GAMS Documentation for detailed information about GAMS and our related solvers.

Note that GAMS will not work without a valid license and our free versions have some limitations in model size. We offer various ways to get a valid license with more details on restrictions and validity.

Free Demo System

Get your free demo license now! Follow our instructions on .


We are very supportive for academic usage of our software.


In order to try GAMS, you may request a 30-day evaluation license for free.

To request an evaluation license please contact us under with the following information:

  • Name of user:
  • Email address of user:
  • Company/University:
  • Department:
  • Postal address:
  • Solvers:

To find our more about the available solvers, please check the following webpage: