GAMS MIRO 1.0 - Deploy your GAMS models in minutes!

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Published: 21 Apr, 2020

GAMS MIRO is the new deployment environment for your GAMS models. Turn your models into fully-fledged applications in minutes and adapt them to your specific needs. No programming knowledge required!

In this webinar we will start with a basic GAMS model and develop it into an interactive application. We will introduce you to the most important functions of GAMS MIRO, such as the generation of input data, the visualization of results and the management and comparison of scenarios.

We start developing our MIRO application from within GAMS Studio and show you how to deploy an application on your local computer or on a server where several people can work together.

For whom is MIRO designed?

The possible applications of MIRO are manifold. MIRO is intended for everyone who works with optimization models or wants to make decisions based on those.


  • Make business decisions based on optimization software without the need for extensive Operations Research or GAMS expertise.


  • Give a general insight into the topic of optimization or illustrate a specific problem in detail.


  • Benefit from MIRO’s advanced scenario and data management system that helps you focus on your research.

Watch our webinar and learn how you can get the most out of your optimization!


Frederik Proske

Operations Research Analyst, GAMS Software GmbH

Frederik Proske holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Hannover, where he also taught students concepts of Operations Research for several years.

In 2016 he joined GAMS as Operations Research Analyst. In this role, he is responsible for software development and project management in the area of mathematical programming. His core competencies are projects in the field of operations research - mostly scheduling problems - that provide customers with powerful optimization software.

Since 2018, he has been the lead engineer for GAMS MIRO, a tool that allows you to automate the use of your GAMS models. He regularly gives lectures at universities and international conferences.