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This tool is part of the GAMS Tools Library. Please inspect the general information about GAMS Tools.

This tool writes all worksheets of an Excel workbook to GAMS symbols.


Command line:

gamstool [data.]ExcelDump excelFile gdxOut=fileOut.gdx

Compile time:

$callTool [data.]ExcelDump excelFile [gdxOut=fileOut.gdx]

Execution time:

executeTool '[data.]ExcelDump excelFile [gdxOut=fileOut.gdx]';


Argument Description
excelFile Excel workbook filename

The following named parameters are available:

Parameter Description
gdxOut=fileOut.gdx Name of GDX file that contains symbols s, r, c, w, ws, vf, vs, and vu. Mandatory if called from the command line, otherwise optional.


Set s            'Workbook sheets'
    r            'Rows'
    c            'Columns'
    w            'Workbook sheets by name'
    l            'Labels'
    ws(s,w)      'Workbook map'
    vs(s,r,c)    'Cells with explanatory text'
    vu(s,r,c,l<) 'Cells with potential GAMS label';
    vf(s,r,c)    'Cells with numerical value';

$callTool.checkErrorLevel data.ExcelDump input.xlsx;
display ws, vs, vu, vf;