Nonlinear Optimization Applications Using the GAMS Technology by Neculai Andrei

This is a listing of the models available in the on-line model library (NOALIB) based on the book Nonlinear Optimization Applications Using the GAMS Technology by Neculai Andrei. The library contains a selection of 40 models from a wide spectrum of nonlinear optimization applications expressed in GAMS. The book and library emphasize the local solutions of the large-scale, complex, continuous nonlinear optimization applications, and the abundant examples in GAMS are highlighted by those involving ODEs, PDEs, and optimal control. The collection of these examples will be useful for software developers and testers.

Name Chapter FigureNr Description
Polygon Some Mathematical Algorithms and Problems in GAMS Technology 3.5 Among All Polygons with nv Sides and Diameter d value at most one, Finding the One of Maximal Area
Hexagon Some Mathematical Algorithms and Problems in GAMS Technology 3.8 Maximizing the Area of a Hexagon in Which the Diameter Must Be Less Than or Equal to One
Minsurf Some Mathematical Algorithms and Problems in GAMS Technology 3.12 Finding the Surface with Minimal Area That Lies Above an Obstacle with Given Boundary Conditions
Surface Some Mathematical Algorithms and Problems in GAMS Technology 3.10 Minimal-/Surface Problem
CpaR Nonlinear Systems of Equations 4.4 Combustion of Propane: Reduced Formulation
Cpa Nonlinear Systems of Equations 4.5 Combustion of Propane in Air
Speed Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.2 Optimal Design of a Speed Reducer of Minimal Weight for a Small Propeller-Type Aircraft Engine
Gtc Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.11 Optimal Gas Transmission Compressor Design
Truss2 Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.16 Optimal Design of a Four-Bar Truss
Lathe Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.19 Optimization of a Multi-spindle Automatic Lathe
Htb Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.21 Design of a Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing
Helical Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.22 Optimal Design of a Helical Spring
Torsion Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.24 Elastic-Plastic Torsion
Bearing Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.26 Pressure Distribution in a Journal Bearing
Chain Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.28 Hanging Chain
Rocket Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.30 Dynamic Optimization of a Rocket
Camshape Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.33 Maximize the Area of the Valve
Robot Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.35 Minimize the Time Taken for a Robot Arm to Travel Between Two Points
Steering Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.39 Minimize the Time Taken for a Particle, Acted upon by a Thrust of Constant Magnitude, to Achieve a Given Altitude and Terminal Velocity
Glider Applications of Mechanical Engineering 5.40 Maximize the Final Horizontal Position of a Hang Glider While in the Presence of a Thermal Updraft
Trafo Applications in Electrical Engineering 6.1 Cost Minimization of a Transformer Design
Circuit Applications in Electrical Engineering 6.2 Optimal Design of an Electrical Circuit
Static Applications in Electrical Engineering 6.4 Static Power Scheduling
Edc2 Applications in Electrical Engineering 6.7 Economic Dispatch Calculation of a Total Power of 1,980 MW Using 15 Power Generating Units
Refrigeration Applications in Chemical Engineering 7.3 Optimal Design of Industrial Refrigeration System
Netreactor Applications in Chemical Engineering 7.5 Reactor Network Design Problem
Pool2 Applications in Chemical Engineering 7.13 Pooling: Blending. A Pooling System with Five Feeds, Three Pools and Five Products
Separation2 Applications in Chemical Engineering 7.17 Nonsharp Separation of Propane, Isobutane, n-Butane and Isopentane in Three Column Distillation
HeatEx3 Applications in Chemical Engineering 7.31 Optimal Design of Network of Heat Exchangers in Parallel (with Recirculation) with Two Hot Streams and One Cold Stream
Flowobs Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics 8.12 Stationary Flow of an Incompressible Fluid in a Rectangular Area
Ramsey Economic Development 9.1 An Elementary Ramsey Growth Model
Macro Economic Development 9.3 A Small Linear Dynamic Macroeconomic Model of the U.S. Economy in Which Both Monetary and Fiscal Policy Variables Are Used
Reservoir Water Management in River Systems 10.2 Onstream and Offstream Optimal Reservoir Management
Benz Robust Stability Analysis 11.4 Robust Stability Analysis of Daimler-Benz 0305 Bus
Fiat Robust Stability Analysis 11.5 Analysis of Stability Margin of Spark Ignition Engine Fiat Dedra
Ethanol Optimal Control 12.11 Optimal Control of a Fed-Batch Bioreactor for the Production of Ethanol from the Anaerobic Glucose Fermentation by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
BatchReactor Optimal Control 12.15 Optimal Control of a Batch Reactor. Find the Optimal Temperature Profile Which Gives Maximum Intermediate Product Concentration in a Batch Reactor with Two Consecutive Reactions
Protein Optimal Control 12.23 Optimal Production of Secreted Protein in a Fed-Batch Reactor
Control3 Optimal Control 12.25 Optimal Control Problem with a Nonlinear Dynamic Constraint and Boundary Conditions Solved as a General Nonlinear Programming Problem