Model Libraries

From the early stages of the development of GAMS we have collected models to be used in libraries of examples. Many of these are standard textbook examples and can be used in classes on problem formulation or to illustrate points about GAMS. Others are models that have been used in policy or sector analysis and are interesting for both the methods and the data they use. These model libraries are included with all GAMS systems and are also available online.

The following model libraries are available:

  • GAMS Model Library - includes GAMS models representing interesting and sometimes classic problems, ranged from production and shipment by firms, investment planning, cropping patterns in agriculture, operation of oil refineries and petrochemical plants, macroeconomics stabilization, applied general equilibrium, international trade in aluminum and in copper, water distribution networks, and many more.
  • GAMS Test Library - includes GAMS models developed for testing and quality control, both for the GAMS base module and the many solvers distributed with the GAMS system.
  • GAMS Data Library - includes GAMS models demonstrating various utilities to interface GAMS with other tools and applications such as spreadsheets and database interface.
  • GAMS EMP Library - includes GAMS Extended Mathematical Programming (EMP) models that illustrate and test the capabilities of GAMS/EMP.
  • GAMS API Library - includes GAMS Models used as scripts to compile and execute application programs in various programming languages interfacing to GAMS.
  • FIN Library - includes GAMS practical financial optimization models described in the book Practical Financial Optimization: Decision Making for Financial Engineers
    by Consiglio, Nielsen and Zenios,
  • NOA Library - includes GAMS nonlinear optimization applications models based on the book Nonlinear Optimization Applications Using the GAMS Technology by Neculai Andrei.
  • PSOPT Library - includes GAMS optimization models based on the book Power System Optimization Modelling in GAMS by by Alireza Soroudi.

See Accessing Model Libraries on how to access a GAMS model from the model libraries.

For large parts of the documentation, references to models from the model libraries are enclosed in square parenthesis (for example, [TRNSPORT]).