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 C_GamsSymbolThis is the representation of a symbol in GAMS
 C_GamsSymbolRecordThis is the representation of a single record of a GamsSymbol
 CGamsDatabaseAn instance of GamsDatabase communicates data between the Python world and the GAMS world
 CGamsDatabaseDomainViolationThis class describes a domain violation of a GamsDatabase
 CGamsEquationThis is the representation of an equation symbol in GAMS
 CGamsEquationRecordThis is the representation of a single record of a GamsEquation
 CGamsParameterThis is the representation of a parameter symbol in GAMS
 CGamsParameterRecordThis is the representation of a single record of a GamsParameter
 CGamsSetThis is the representation of a set symbol in GAMS
 CGamsSetRecordThis is the representation of a single record of a GamsSet
 CGamsSymbolDomainViolationThis class describes a domain violation of a GamsSymbol
 CGamsVariableThis is the representation of a variable symbol in GAMS
 CGamsVariableRecordThis is the representation of a single record of a GamsVariable
 CGamsCheckpointA GamsCheckpoint class captures the state of a GamsJob after the GamsJob.run method has been carried out
 CGamsEngineConfigurationConfiguration that allows the execution of jobs on a specific GAMS Engine instance
 CGamsJobThe GamsJob class manages the execution of a GAMS program given by GAMS model source
 CGamsModelInstanceOptThe GamsModelInstanceOpt can be used to customize the GamsModelInstance.solve() routine
 CGamsModifierInstances of this class are input to GamsModelInstance.instantiate()
 CSymbolUpdateTypeSymbol update type
 CUpdateActionWhat field to update
 CActionGAMS processing request
 CAppendExpandExpand file append option
 CAppendOutOutput file append option
 CAsyncSolLstPrint solution listing when asynchronous solve (Grid or Threads) is used
 CCaptureModelInstanceSwitch to capture all model instances within a run
 CCaseOutput case option for LST file
 CCharSetCharacter set flag
 CCheckErrorLevelCheck errorLevel automatically after executing external program
 CDFormatDate format
 CDigitSwitch default for "$on/offDigit"
 CDumpOptWrites preprocessed input to the file input.dmp
 CDumpParmsGAMS parameter logging
 CECImplicitLoadAllow implicit loading of symbols from embedded code or not
 CEmptySwitch default for "$on/offEmpty"
 CErrMsgPlacing of compilation error messages
 CExecModeLimits on external programs that are allowed to be executed
 CFDOptOptions for finite differences
 CFileCaseCasing of file names and paths (put, gdx, ref, $include, etc.)
 CFilteredSwitch between filtered and domain-checked read from GDX
 CForceWorkForce GAMS to process a save file created with a newer GAMS version or with execution errors
 CFreeEmbeddedPythonFree external resources at the end of each embedded Python code blocks
 CGamsOptionsThe GamsOptions class manages GAMS options (sometimes also called GAMS parameters since they correspond to the command line parameters of the GAMS executable) for a GamsJob and GamsModelInstance
 CgdxCompressCompression of generated GDX file
 CgdxConvertVersion of GDX files generated (for backward compatibility)
 CgdxUelsUnload labels or UELs to GDX either squeezed or full
 CHoldFixedTreat fixed variables as constants
 CHoldFixedAsyncAllow HoldFixed for models solved asynchronously as well
 CImplicitAssignSwitch default for "$on/offImplicitAssign"
 CInteractiveSolverAllow solver to interact via command line input
 CIntVarUpSet mode for default upper bounds on integer variables
 CKeepControls keeping or deletion of process directory and scratch files
 CListingSwitch default for "$on/offListing"
 CLogLineAmount of line tracing to the log file
 CLstTitleLeftAlignedWrite title of LST file all left aligned
 CMIIModeModel Instance Mode
 CNoNewVarEquTriggers a compilation error when new equations or variable symbols are introduced
 COn115Generate errors for unknown unique element in an equation
 CPageContrOutput file page control option
 CPrefixLoadPathPrepend GAMS system directory to library load path
 CPreviousWorkIndicator for writing workfile with previous workfile version
 CProcTreeMemMonitorMonitor the memory used by the GAMS process tree
 CPutNRNumeric round format for put files
 CReferenceLineNoControls the line numbers written to a reference file
 CReplaceSwitch between merge and replace when reading from GDX into non-empty symbol
 CSavePointSave solver point in GDX file
 CShowOSMemoryShow the memory usage reported by the Operating System instead of the internal counting
 CSolPrintSolution report print option
 CSolveLinkSolver link option
 CSolveOptMultiple solve management
 CStepSumSummary of computing resources used by job steps
 CstrictSingletonError if assignment to singleton set has multiple elements
 CStringChkString substitution options
 CSuffixAlgebraVarsSwitch default for "$on/offSuffixAlgebraVars"
 CSuffixDLVarsSwitch default for "$on/offSuffixDLVars"
 CSuppressCompiler listing option
 CSys10Changes rpower to ipower when the exponent is constant and within 1e-12 of an integer
 CSys11Dynamic resorting if indices in assignment/data statements are not in natural order
 CSysOutSolver Status file reporting option
 CTFormatTime format
 CTraceOptTrace file format option
 CZeroResRepReport underflow as a warning when abs(results) LE ZeroRes and result set to zero
 CDebugLevelGAMS Debug Level
 CEquTypeEquation subtype
 CGamsExceptionException class thrown for GAMS exceptions
 CGamsExceptionExecutionException class thrown for GAMS execution exceptions
 CGamsExitCodeGAMS exit code
 CGamsWorkspaceThe GamsWorkspace is the base class of the gams.control API
 CModelStatModel Solution Status
 CSetTypeSet subtype
 CSolveStatSolver termination condition
 CVarTypeVariable subtype