veda1.gms : tests that we can execute gdx2veda


Transport model

Small Model of Type : GAMS

Category : GAMS Test library

Main file : veda1.gms

$title 'tests that we can execute gdx2veda' (VEDA1,SEQ=330)
$call gamslib trnsport
$call rm -f t1.gdx
$call gams trnsport gdx=t1.gdx lo 2
$if not exist t1.gdx   $abort 'missing t1.gdx'
$onecho > t1.vdd
* Transport model
* tab-name indices
Attribute attr
Plants     i
Warehouses j
Links      ii jj
not-0 Shipments
* veda_attribute gams_name tab1 tab2 ... for gams index 1, 2, ...
"x(i,j) duals" x.m      i  Warehouses
Shipments      x.l      i  j
SupplyPrice    supply.m i
DemandPrice    demand.m j
TransportCost  c        i  j
Distance       d        ii jj
Supply         a        i
Demand         b        j
TotalCost      z.l
SupplyNodes    i        i
DemandNodes    j        j
Rate           f

* gams_set tab
i  i

* gams_set tab
j  j

* sub_name gams_name tab
i1 i  Plants
i1 i  i

$call rm -f t1.vd
$call gdx2veda t1 t1.vdd t1

parameter vd(Attribute,Plants,Warehouses,Links) /
$include t1.vd
option vd:3:0:1; display vd;

parameter a(*),b(*);
execute_load 't1',a,b; display a,b;

abort$sum(plants, vd('supply',plants,'-','-') <> a(plants)) 'trouble with supply';
abort$sum(warehouses, vd('demand','-',warehouses,'-') <> b(warehouses)) 'trouble with demand';