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TransportSeq.Transport Class Reference

Wrapper class for GAMS trnsport model. More...

Pulic Methods

 Transport (GAMSWorkspace ws)
 A Transportation Problem.
void Run (GAMSCheckpoint checkpoint=null, TextWriter output=null)
 Executes the trnsport model.


GAMSSet i [get]
 i(i): canning plants
GAMSSet j [get]
 j(j): markets
GAMSParameter a [get]
 a(i): capacity of plant i in cases
GAMSParameter b [get]
 b(i): demand at market j in cases
GAMSParameter d [get]
 d(i,j): distance in thousands of miles
GAMSParameter f [get]
 f: freight in dollars per case per thousand miles
GAMSVariable x [get]
 x(i,j): shipment quantities in cases
GAMSVariable z [get]
 z: total transportation costs in thousands of dollars
GAMSOptions opt [get]
 Options for the execution of the trnsport model.

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GAMS trnsport model.

Definition at line 13 of file TransportClass.cs.