GAMS Posix Utilities

Starting with distribution 20.6 the GAMS system for Windows includes a collection of Posix utilities which are usually available for the different Unix systems and therefore help to write platform independent scripts. The following utilities are available:

(1) Please note that the utilities "date" and "sort" have been renamed to "gdate" and "gsort" to avoid conflicts with the Windows commands "date" and "sort". For compatibility reasons the GNU implementation of awk called "gawk" has been renamed to "awk".

(2) Please note that sed might crash if it runs against the memory limit. This only happens if the input is very big. If you experience this problem please use sed from the 'gbin_new' directory. This version does not suffer the memory leak.

The collection consists of native Windows ports of GNU implementation of these utilities taken from the Sourceforge. Detailed descriptions of the utilities can be found at the GNU website.

The Posix tools and in particular the awk utility can be used to transform a variety of different text inputs into GAMS readable input files. Examples can be found in the GAMS Model Library (Subject "GAMS Tools").